Monday, December 24, 2007

Pesarattu/Moong Daal Dosa and RidgeGourd Skin chutney

The morning sunrays are golden yellowish so are these dosas! These are also liked a lot at my place. The origin seems to be from Tamilnaad-Andhra, few Kerailites too prepare this with variation in the ingredients. The one I keep making is adapted from Shilpa's - Aayis Recipes.
This dosa is a winner and here to stay!!

Ingredients :
1 cup split moong daal
1 cup dosa rice
2 medium onions
2 green chillies
2" fresh ginger root
1 tsp jeera
8-9 strands of fresh coriander

Method :
Wash rice and daal together and soak overnight. In the morning, grind along with chopped ginger ,chillies and coriander leaves. Take the batter in another vessel, mix in the salt, jeera and minced onions. Prepare dosas by cooking on both sides.
I served it along with Gosalya Sheerey Chutney. (as we say in Konkani)

i.e The Ridge Gourd Skin is retained. Cut in small pieces, roasted a bit in a tsp oil. I have used two medium sized Gourd skins. The coconut and jeera are dry roasted for more flavour.

Chutney is made by grinding (use little water) the skin along with coconut(3/4th cup) , jeera(3 tsp) , tamarind(marble sized), jaggery (2 tsp) . This chutney can be eaten along with rice as a side dish tadka involved.

Have a nutritious dosa!!!



Hey my mother too make this ridgegourd chutney but we call thugaiyal;DNever tried pesarattu b4...Looks lovely!

Asha said...

Pesarattu is made of whole green moong, soaked and ground usually. Dal works too.Looks great. I love Heerekai chutney!:)
Have a great new year celebration Purnima!:))

Purnima said...

Asha--> Wow thats a good variation! I made set moong dosa out of whole moong! Wish you too a great Christmas and a Joyous New Year!!