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Ambe-Avnaasa Saasam, PA Juice, Raw Mango Pickle, Fruit Basket , Ladoos -I HATE!!

'Saasam' is a term in Konkani for Mustard seeds or Rai. The dish is a curried side dish- its very popular in marriages , made of fresh fruits, in a way curried fruit salad! The main ingredient here is mango and pineapple ( ambe, avnaas respectively in Konkani) many add black grapes and green grapes as well to make it look more colorful and the curry has some saasam in it.
Am not too sure whether Saasam name has been derived from Rai or in other Konkani dialect it means 'mixture' !

My Amma prepares it this way, there are many variations to it as well.

Ambe Avnaasa Saasam -->>

Ingredients :
1/2 cup chopped mangoes (ripe, alphonso)
1/2 cup chopped fresh pineapple pieces
3/4 th cup coconut (fresh / dessicated)
1/2 tsp mustard seeds toasted
Tamarind (half-a-marble sized)
Hing a tiny pinch
2 tsp jaggery
3-4 red chillies (more if u prefer spicy)

Tadka : 1 tsp - Coconut oil, 1 tsp - rai, 2-3 sprigs - curry leaves

Method :

Place the chopped fresh fruits (mango , pineapple) in a big serving bowl. Grind to fine paste - coconut, chillies, tamarind, jaggery, toasted rai, hing with water enough to give it porridge consistency, add salt to taste , add water to obtain sauce consistency, pour over fruits. Mix well.
Heat oil in a small pan, crackle the rai, add the curry leaves, pour atop the curried mango-pineapple mix. Cover and allow the flavours to gel.
Have it as a side dish or just like a dessert .

Update : 15th June 2008:

This goes to Sig's @ Live to Eat -Tamarind Event!
(Tks Sig, its got a eeny weeny bit of tamarind though!)

Summer --- beat it with Fresh Pineapple Juice

In a blender, blend one cup cubed fresh pineapple pieces, add a pinch of black salt, a pinch of pepper, a pinch of cardamom powder, two tsp sugar (the pineapple was on sweeter side) a dash of lemon juice, add two cups of cold water, blend, strain, serve!! INDULGE!

Kairi Pickle-Cooked Version -- This appeals to all those who have tastebuds which drizzle saliva at the mention of sour-sweet-spice! I am one of this troop!! :D
The below measure yields a bowl full of pickle, has to be consumed in a week's time.
Adjust jaggery, chili powder and salt as per your personal preference.

Ingredients :
2 grated kairi/raw mangoes
6-7 tbspn crumpled jaggery
1/2 tsp rai
1/2 tsp fennel seeds/saunf
1/4 tsp methi seeds
1/2 tsp cardamom powder
Black salt
1/2 tsp red chili powder
Oil -cooking oil/vegetable oil

Method :
Cook down the kairi with jaggery, once all the liquid has evaporated, mix in the black salt and red chili powder. Take 1/2 tsp oil in small tadka pan, heat the oil, crackle rai, add saunf and methi seeds. Pour this tempering over the kairi-jaggery mixture. Mix well, add the elaichi powder.
Have this with chapatis and Droooooooooooooooolllllllll !

Last week I prepared the following from blogs -- they were :

Meera, a dear blogger and friend to me , posted longggggggggg back a yummy
Lemon Yoghurt Cake, which finally saw light of the day in my kitchen --

Meera, this cake was too yummy thanks for sharing and describing it so well, got over same day!
Also her lovely dish Masoor Tikhale, a family recipe, is now a weekly addition with the lovely aromas of day to day ingredients put together, a dish polished off in one meal with no leftovers!!
Thanks yet again dear!!

Mansi of Fun and Food, posted a gorgeous finger food, Vegetable Bread Baskets which called for shaping the slices (fresh bread will need to be flattened a bit with rolling pin prior to baking to avoid crumpling) of bread n baking them, (170C for 12-15 mins until toasted) which appealed to me a great thought why not try, but I tweaked the filling recipe to suit my pantry...turned these basket shaped toasts to fruit basket with just chopped cherries and mangoes, seasoned with little chat masala, base of basket was a tsp of Gulkhand (jam can be used-get as creative as you can) with this fresh fruit filling topped with mozzarella cheese shreds, baked 170C for 7 mins until the topping just melts, these were finished off as evening snack on a weekend!

Fruit Basket - Bread n Fruits --

Try these to satisfy yourself of a crispy-fruity combo! Thanks Mansi!!!

Trupti of Recipe Center made these lovely Sabudana Ladoos and ever since it stayed at the back of my mind, trying to find some time to make these...and while making realised that it didn't take time at all!! They were so delicious I gobbled off many of the 14 ladoos and my kiddos n hub followed suit!
(Two notes - 1. The sabudana needs to be fried until brown. 2. Sabudana powder has to be sieved.)

When I went over to her space to comment on these, I was pleasantly surprised to find her tag me. Its a simple tag, hence I took it up...

10 Things I hate( not ate!!) MeMe
1. Superficial attitude.
2. Double standards.
3. Inhuman Nature - Be it for Elders, Peers or for Animals
4. Vulgarity
5. Blood shed/Wars
6. Corruption
7. Anger- Its Destructive
8. Ego- Its even more destructive
9. Alcohol Tobacco etc n way they r Glamorised
10. Infidelity- Hate activities meant 4 animals followed by some mortals!

Passing this on, rather tagging my dear fellow bloggers with no compulsion to take up -- do it only if time permits! :D :D

Meera - EIF


Priyanka - Asankhana


And if you are wondering how many sweets have I posted, its over a period of one week..but today is below --



Wednesday, June 4, 2008



Yellow --Color of Hope,Happiness, Enlightenment!

She had to undergo series of tests - blood tests, with all the anxiety waiting for reports in the hospital, her daughter running to different floors of the building to collect reports, at times to a different building, an Autologus BMT (bone marrow transplant), blood tranfusions on account of low platelets, a month plus of hospitalisation, bed rest for over month at home with recovery, as good cells took birth bringing her back to normal life, with her sheer will power, determination, GOD's blessing(read Miracle) and friends and strangers volunteering for her, my Mother-In-Law, a power-house in herself, is today a hale and hearty person leading a normal life and using her energies with great focus, as at 60, she does all the household chores, cooks, stitches, reads, has family get togethers, a cheerful and jovial lady, whom I admire the most!! She puts the youth to shame with her consistency and hardwork, lethargy is just not her cup of tea or coffee rather!!

Why did I come out with this, its for Briana, she is a fellow food blogger with blog FIGS WITH BRI. A lady who is still in her 30's and fighting this sickness.

Read complete details from fellow bloggers and organisers for this event, Jugalbandi here...

or copy paste this URL.

Raffles are also being organised for donor amounts, the link at Jugalbandi will take you to the page where you can bid for your choice of gift. Food bloggers have contributed the lovely prizes.

In Jai and Bee's words -

"Bri needs to explore ALL treatment options, not just those her insurance is willing to cover. So we asked her for a number. How much would a year’s treatment cost in addition to insurance coverage? Could we help her raise that amount?

The answer was 12,000 U.S. dollars - that’s just for ONE YEAR. Four months of intensive chemo and surgery two years ago have given her a fair idea of what the monetary costs will be. Bri was concerned about putting out an appeal for such a large amount and wondered whether it was worthwhile to do so.

We need 500 people willing to support Bri with a contribution of at least 25 dollars. That would help cover Bri’s out-of-pocket treatment costs for the next 12 months. Would you like to be one of them?

This edition of CLICK is more than a photo event. It is a fundraiser for our dear Briana. She was 15 when she saw her mother die of breast cancer. Now, she’s waging her own war. "

Please find the details on how to donate at Jugalbandi link.


IF YOU ARE IN INDIA: Arundathi will collect donations on behalf of the CLICK team. Please send her your donation before JUNE 15. DETAILS HERE. Also see How to donate with an international credit card.


An appeal to readers and my dear friends from Mumbai, kindly be generous to donate and raise funds. The deadline is set for July 15th, 2008. (stands extended from June 30th, 2008)