Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Paann Polo / Neer Dosa / Rice Dosa

Paann Polo is a common Konkani (Karnataka) breakfast item, which is very fast and easy to prepare. Polo is Konkani for dosa. The speciality of this dosa is it has very watery batter and is cooked only on one side with coconut oil for good flavour. It is prepared from normal rice (non-basmati) / 'Surai Tandoolu' as we say in Konkani. This recipe is from my Amma, whose Paannpolo's are worth vying for!

Ingredients :
1 cup dosa / sona musoori rice
3 tbspn coconut -fresh scraped/dessicated
4 cups water
Coconut Oil

Method :
Wash the rice and soak for 3-4 hours. Grind with little water and coconut. Add salt to taste.
Transfer to another vessel, add the water cup by cup and stir. Keep aside for 20 minutes.
Heat a non-stick tava, flame-medium, sprinkle/spray a tsp of coconut oil, pour the batter with ladle, alternately hold the handle of tava and with cirular wrist movement, spread the batter.
Cover the tava, after a minute or two, uncover, sprinkle some more drops of oil. These dosas stay white in color, so don't let them burn- then with a spatula,
fold it over the other side to look half and again fold it to one-fourth. Set aside on a plate.

Serve it with honey / watery mango pickle or chutney.



indosungod said...

Light and airy dosai! I see you are on a dosai roll :)

Purnima said...

ISG-try it sometime..u r right..I m going to make it more of dosa post this week! :D


I love this dosa and we add onions and greenchillies fried to this and will temper with mustard and cut=rry leaves..:))
Good to have with honey;D

Purnima said...

RK..hello..that would be a good variation..shall try your version too! All at my place are dosa fans!!:)

Meera said...

I love this one. But I have serious doubts about my culinary skills if I can make it so well. I will try anyway! Will let you know!

Purnima said...

Meera..Having visited your blog, its way beyond culinary skills..you seem to have achieved that ages ago! Pls remember one thing while making these dosas- the moment b4 you are going to pour batter on tava,give the batter a vigorous stir as the rice settles at bottom within seconds..so every time you throw/ pour batter, remember to stir it uniformly, cover the lid.That would give you perfect dosas! Try once with a nonstick pan!

archana said...

Wow,quite a dosa fest going on here. Thank you, i am an avid dosa fan. I am planning to try Paann Polo. I do not have an Indian grinder, that might pause a problem, let's see. Happy Holidays !