Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dorayaki (Japanese Dessert), Lemon Atta Cake, Sandstorm.

DORAYAKI (Japanese Dessert-Pancake with Sweet Bean Filling)

Watching too much of Kiddo-stuff can hit you at a spot where you are most sensitive...FOOD part of it..when you watch a Hindi dubbed Japanese cartoon end up picking-up more about their food ! Especially when a character loves eating a sweet speciality..DORA CAKES..what happens when the name is hammered daily...well for me, ended up googling and not finding much results but this....sounded very easy..the hard task was finding Anko Azuki Beans/ Yude Azuki Beans which looks nothing but sweetened maroon Rajma seeds-like..please enlighten me on the 'beans' part foodie ladies! But found it here and was just dancing for tastes too good..the second pic is of the ready to use Can of sweet Azuki Bean.
    Yude Azuki Bean Can (125 gms nett) 

So here goes the recipe.. (Kindly click the link for recipe.)
Yield : 10 pancakes which have to be sandwiched so you get 5 DORA YAKI's .
The taste is subtle and sponge cake like and the filling is protien rich and sweet too!

I just had to follow instructions, cool the pancakes and fill each with two teaspoons of the paste.

It tasted yummy and alternately, even CUSTARD FILLING seems to go well with these! 

 The next in line was the lovely Lemon Flavored Cake made with ATTA..It was a super duper hit.. From Sunita's here : Lemon Coconut Cake
My notes : I forgot the coconut she has sprinkled. I fell short of 4 tbsp cashews, which needed to be topped on the cake, so substitued with pistachio pcs. In my oven baked the cake at bottom rack - 180C @ 20mins , as I used 12 x 5" baking tray. It got beautiful golden color contrasting with the beautiful green pistachios. It was moist n fluffy, tasted mildly of the lemon and surely not eggy at all!! The yum pics below. Thanks so much Sunita!! This will be a regular feature in cakes henceforth!

Lastly the delayed posting of an Orangy Sandstorm that blinded visibility throughout Kuwait on 11th of Feb, 2009.  Something to match the color of Lemon Cake! :D (Asha- FOR YOU! :D)

   View of Storm from my Flat

Have a great Weekend! 


Thursday, February 5, 2009

Magical Leaves- Dishes: Patholi & Pathrado HBJ

"Being raised in a Konkani family and married into a Keralite one, has its own culinary advantages!" 
- Purnima :D 

Some times readers should take quotes from us too! :) Deeba, hope u don't mind silly me!

Coming to this post home has been a bhandaar of Konkani getting all the limelight every single day! The dishes I am sharing today involve the use of leaves, first dish is a sweet dish made using Turmeric Leaves the other one using Paatra or Colocasia Leaves.

'Patholi' is a sweet dish and has been blogged so beautifully by my fellow Konkani bloggers, but the gist of it is, a layer of ground rice+coconut, followed with a layer of 'Chuna' ie. wet grated coconut+jaggery mixture in center, steamed for ten minutes, after which the leaf is discarded and the steamed delicacy is devoured with a dollop of home made 'Toop' or clarified butter! Oh I love this heavenly sweet...yes..over any cakes too! :)  Flavors registered at childhood seldom leave the brains! :) Vee, thanks a lot !

Recipe Source : VEE @ Past Present and Me...The Patholi Pictorial ... HERE

Before steaming
Ready to eat! Wt dollop of Ghee -INDULGE!

'Pathrado' is taken as a snack or side dish of Manglorean Konkani cuisine which is either steamed, shallow fried or curried once steamed! This is TAL-la-Lo, as in fried one. Its again a bunch of leaves..Colocasia or Paatra leaves on which a ground spicy mixture is applied, using 8-10 layers of leaves and the ground paste as a binding and taste enhancing agent, rolled up as in swiss roll, steamed for 20 mins and savoured! Do check Shilpa's pictorial. THANKYOU SHILPA.

Recipe Source : Aayis Recipes , Pathrado ... HERE 

Shallow Fried after steaming and cooling

This post is being dedicated to another close and dear friend of mine, who stuck through thick and thin, throughout college days..Juby..HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUBS! (HBJ--that is what appears in my title! :D) Knowing how you love such regional specialities, here goes a sweet n spicy one in your name!! :) 

How can I end a Birthday post, without a sweet -- Ah.. nostalgic  5th Feb, makes me oops..Us!


May GOD be with you JUBY in every endeavour you undertake, making you SUCCESSFUL, HAPPY, HEALTHY N WEALTHY!! HUGS!