Friday, December 7, 2007

Benne Dosa / Butter Dosa

Benne in Kannada means Butter in English. :D There there.. I have increased my GK!!
This one is from Aayis Recipes fame Shilpa again...whats special in this one? Its simply Butterlicious, Super crispy and the aftertaste that lingers on for much longer !! I did not make the stuffing or chutney due to time crunch...but please follow the original recipe here. Has more details...I made only the basic dosa, which was more than delicious!

Ingredients :
2 cups dosa rice
1 cup urad daal
2 cups rice flour
1/2 cup maida
1 pinch baking soda
Method :
Wash and soak dal and rice separately for 3 hours. First grind the daal to a fine paste, rice to follow suit. Mix the two well in a mixing bowl, add rice flour, maida and salt. Mix well and leave it overnight to ferment. In the morning, just prior to making dosas, add the soda and mix well.

Heat a non stick pan, spread the batter, drop 1/4th tsp of butter over it flip and let the dosa get done. Serve hot with any chutney.. I have served honey as this was for kids. Also I have used Amul butter as it has a bit of salt in it and the taste of salted butter is what gels for all at home!!

*Serve with utterly-butterly love :)*


Linda said...

Hi Purnima, came here from your comment at IndoSunGod's blog. I was just looking at Shilpa's butter dosa the other day! I got a new tawa and soon to have a new mixie. Hope then I can finally learn to master the making of dosas. Yours look delish! :)

sagari said...

yummmmm dosas with butter wowwww deleciousssss

Purnima said...

Linda-->Welcome aboard!Put your tava to use as soon as the mixie comes in!All the best 4 dosas.Tks for your swt comment dosas!

Sagari-->Yes..drool-worthy!Try 'em!

indosungod said...

Butter Dosa looks fantastic, making me hungry. So maida is added to this one? I am amazed at this array of dosas.

Purnima said...

ISG-->My sentiments there..the amazement is called a blogging world! Awesome isn't it?


Nice Idea of adding rice flour and maida Purnima....Will try next time :)

Maya Shanbhag said...

Hi Purnima,

Nice looking Dosas..I will tryo sometime too ..

Purnima said...

RK--> That was the striking point why I tried these! Its good to taste!!

Maya-->As you have a small kid, surely he will love this dosa as mine did!