Saturday, December 1, 2007

Karela (Bitter Gourd) Subzi / Karatya Upkari/ Kaippakka Upperi

Beginning the last month of the year with much nutritious vegetable which tastes bitter to the tongue but is a boon to our good health. This is a dry subzi common at my in-laws place, and is taught to me by my father-in-law! He is extremely good at non-veg and few vegan dishes.

This subzi least lastes bitter and has simple list of ingredients. My daughter who is 3, eats this ever since it was introduced to her. I also made a karela-nastik family friend eat and like this too!

Karatey is a Konkani name for it, where as Kaipakka is the Malayalam name.

Ingredients :
4 medium sized karelas
3 green chillies
4 tbspn coconut oil

Method :
Wash the karelas and pat them dry with a towel. Chop off the head and tail part. If using very tender ones, there won't be seeds inside them. If not very tender, make a long slit lengthwise from the head to the tail on one side, using forefinger, scoop out the seeds from them.
Now slice it very thinly in round shape.

Take a heavy bottomed pan, add one table spoon of coconut oil, add the slit green chillies.

Once they splutter add the sliced karela pieces and stir until the are uniformly coated with the oil and leave on a medium flame for 5 minutes , uncovered. Once you hear a bit of sizzle, stir it again and drizzle a little of coconut oil in a circular motion on it. Continue for 15 mins , stirring every 5 mins and drizzling a little oil. Add salt at this stage and mix in well. Stir and leave for another 5-10 minutes. The final karela will shrink and look shallow fried. Like in the main picture.

Serve as accompaniment hot along with rice and daal / sambhaar.

*The above measure serves two adults and a child. I make it for one time as it tastes good when hot..even re-heated looses the taste.
*Do-not cover at any stage -while and after cooking.

This is another form of sundried karela-here
the raw karelas have been sliced, salted and then dried out in the sun till they shrink in size, change their colour to golden brown and make a clinking sound.They can be stored in an airtight container and stays intact throughout the year and used when needed!

They need to be deep fried to be consumed and loved by all in my family. We usually eat it as is-ie fried, or serve it with rice porridge (Kanji Rice/Peza).



indosungod said...

Purnima, the Karela Subzi looks delicious, love anything cooked with bitter gourd so does the family, the sun dried ones taste great when fried in oil. I have not cooked bitter gourd this way really simple.

indosungod said...

Purnima, thank you so much for the recipe for Tori Ambat, head over and enjoy.


Looks nice ..but I don't like paavakai:(

Purnima said...

ISG..Try this version of Karela upperi..its too yummmm to be missed out..n last pic is of dried karela deep fried in oil,but this karela doesn't require much oil nor does it leave any traces of being deep fried!!
Thankyou so much for trying out Tori ambat..loved your version!I used to enjoy it with chapathi/rice alike!Got to expand my search in stores for them now!! :D

RK..You don't like karela-hmm so this is the right dish for you ..try this will never realise that you are eating karela!!!

Meera said...

karela-nastik! lol :-D That was a good word!! :-)
This recipe upperi/upkari looks really nice.