Monday, December 3, 2007

Mysore Pak - Porus N Crunchy Version

My love for sweets is unfathomable! Whichever blogger posts a sweet dish within my capacity, I ensure to prepare it!! My favourite blogger, Shilpa of Aayis Recipes, came up with simple stepwise description along with beautiful pictures of each steps.. I wasn't far from making these.

The first time I prepared these, I was not able to take pictures. Yesterday I made them again and my hubby and kids, who stood guard to the kitchen , were saying Aaaaa Aaaaa with their mouth open wide and forefinger pointing towards the open mouth like some baby birds asking for food!!! It looked totally hilarious....considering the fact that these were very hot..they enjoyed every bit or bite of it!!! Next thing I did was to drive all away from kitchen promising their share for next day!

Shilpa - I thank you as an avid reader of your blog and for making this dish so easy to prepare.
Please click here for stepwise pictures which Shilpa at AR has provided.

Ingredients :
1 cup gram flour/ besan
1 cup ghee
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 tsp elaichi/cardamom powder
Ghee for greasing

Procedure :
1. Grease a plate(6-8" diameter) if it is being used. Or Place a steel strainer/sieve which is not funnel or basket shaped but round shaped and has close knitted wire made of SS at base. (Usually used to sieve flour in Indian households) and place it on a wider plate, tilted at an angle-the idea is to drain the excess ghee once the mysorepak is done.

2. In a small pan, heat the ghee to melt it and keep it handy with a tablespoon in it.
Keep the elaichi powder handy as well.

3. In a non-stick pan, take one tsp ghee and add the gram flour/besan. On a low flame, roast the besan stirring continuously till an aroma is given out and the gram flour turns light brown. At this stage, put off the flame, transfer the roasted besan to a plate.(Not to leave beasan in hot pan as it may burn)

4. In a heavy bottom kadhai, mix the sugar and water and place on medium flame. Mix until the sugar dissolves. When the water boils evenly, i.e on rapid boiling, lower the flame, add the roasted besan and mix gently so that all besan is uniformly mixed into the sugar water.

5. Keep stirring. Keep adding one tablespoon ghee at a time and stir until ghee is incorporated into the mixture. Repeat the ghee till all one cup is done. Keep stirring until the air from mixture vanishes and it starts leaving sides of the kadhai.

6. This is a very important step - Keep stirring even if the mixture has left the sides and check for 'honey comb stage'. ie..The mixture will start resembling a bee hive or honey comb, it is just then that the mixture is done and immediately put off the gas, add the cardamom powder, mix well, immediately pour into the strainer/sieve that is set on a plate.

7. Pat the mixture flat with the spatula and in five minutes, when still warm, score it with knife into desirable shape (square, diamond or rectangular)

8. Let it cool completely ..which might be in half an hour to one hour and break it into pieces and store in an airtight container.

Its tough on the outside, porus inside, mouth melting- aromatic-crunchy sweet that all age groups can enjoy!

***Relish on the same with family and friends!!!!****

Mysore Pak inside the jar.



Meera said...

Wow! That mysore pak looks so nice! Porous and fluffed up. I love it. Thanks to both you and Shilpa!

Purnima said...

Meera-->Try it is very simple..just follow the guidelines.