Saturday, December 8, 2007

Avacado Dosa

The above picture is of a Dosa which has Avocado fruit mixed along in the batter (the inset photo has batter on the left, Avocado seeds just for its beauty, were thrown away later and the yummy Avocado Dosa with Ketchup) Wiki here for details about the fruit. The pista colour part of this fruit is used, the skin and seed discarded.

This is made with reference taken from Aayis Recipes- Shilpa.

3 cups dosa rice
1 cup urad daal
1 big avacado


Rice and daal are to be soaked for 5 hours, after which they are ground into a fine paste, salt added and left overnight to ferment.

Skin and deseed the Avocado and grind the pulp to a smooth paste and add to batter. It feels like butter to hands!! Gives a pleasant pista green colour to the batter. Shilpa has asked to add 2 or more Avocados for prominent taste of this fruit.
Make thin dosas. Serve with chutney of your choice.

One more unique breakfast item!!


sagari said...

purnima u r so creative with dosa recipesss very nice looks yummy yummy

Jyothsna said...

The dosas would have turned super soft, isn't it?


How many kinds we can make with dosas with our creative ideas purnima!! Glad that you are getting so many ideas and sharing with us!!

Maya Shanbhag said...

Nice dosas with avacados..I never bring avacados, will try sometime soon..

indosungod said...

You are rocking away with the dosas would have to give this a try

Meera said...

Wow! Look at those dosas! Wonderful. I was looking for tuttifruity bread recipe that you mentioned on Maya's blog. Is it possible to blog, please? Pretty please?? My dad loves it. So want to perfect that one before he comes to visit.:-)

TBC said...

Hey Purnima,
Thanks so much for stopping by!
I am glad that my post inspired you to make your own creation.

Avacado dosa is so very creative!
You have a lot of dosas on your blog;-)

TBC said...

... forgot to answer your question... i have used red onions+ sweet Vidalia onions that we get here in the US.I had incorrectly tagged it as spring onions. Thanks for bringing it to my attention:-)

Meera said...

Purnima, You are such a sweetheart! Thanks so much for giving me the recipe of the tuttifruit bread!! Thanks a lot, friend!

Anamika said...

Thanks purnima for visiting my blog site and leaving encouraging words. It helps one to do more. I like your avacado dosa recipe and will certainly try it on one of the evenings in Botswana.Lets keep in touch to share our experiences on food.

Purnima said...

Sagari--> Creativity is from Shilpa's,so all credit on creativity is her's while credit for recreating them r mine..they sure taste yummy!!

Jyothsna--> Yes,indeed..they r soft and buttery!!

RK-->The only idea I have is visiting my dear bloggers who are truly creative..I just re-created it to see my family beaming on having variation in dosas!!

Maya--> I too had no clue what avacado is till I read this recipe..there is one more listed item you can do with them, grind the pulp, add a cup or more of water, squeeze a lemon, add sugar n hv it as a cooler!! cool naa?

ISG--> Pls do let me know when u do.

Meera-->Surely in near future shall blog about it.You are most try it.

TBC-->Not lots..but only been blogging abt dosas...6 of them as of now..I guess addition of cream in the condensed milk is a good idea to cut out the sweetness!
Hey I thought you did some experimentation with the onions..hence asked you..tks for posting..i truly can't lay my hands off ulli chamanti..dosa or not! :D

Purnima said...

Anamika-->This dosa is also worth try it..and are extremely creative and a multitasker! Pls keep it up..and continue to post abt your new creations..helps ppl like us to begin somewhere! :)

Mansi Desai said...

hey purnima, that looks like a unique combination..wonder how it tastes...surely much be richer than the regular dosa, right?!:)

Purnima said...

Manasi-->Welcome on my space! Yes..this dosa is different to taste but if you need prominent flavour of the fruit, you may add one more to it! Tks for your valuable comment!

Madhuram said...

I have made avocado chapathis, but not dosas. Sounds very interesting.