Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Omelette (As In a Fatayer ), Dabeli N Milkmaid Sweet

Egg Omelette (Moz Cheese) Served With Rainbow Toast Bread for Kids.

Moz Cheese gets cooked inside and crisp on the outside.

Eating out is pleasure when kids start loving the 'healthy' food served there. One such Mid-eastern dish / form of pie is an Egg Fatayer. (Varieties of Fatayer such as Spinach, Cheese etc are available to choose from! ) Egg is beaten along with salt and pepper as we usually do for our simple omelettes and one lovely addition is made in the beaten egg, which is then poured over a pizza like base and baked in traditional oven for around ten minutes.
I thought of trying out the same at home, various times, having used sliced cheese, then the triangles and even the cream cheese :( ALL resulted in burnt omelette on a pan!
Then it struck..it should have been mozzarella! Tried it out, VOILA! ..and here goes the easy-peasy kiddo type of omelette , made on gas top, minus the base. Its filling and healthy for kids! Has to be served hot!

Egg Omelette-Fatayer Style.

Ingredients :

1 large egg
Salt as per taste
Pepper powder
1 Tbspn Mozzarella Shreds
1 Tbspn Vegetable Oil

Method :
Beat the egg along with salt and pepper. Heat the oil in a pan-medium flame. When the egg is well beaten, add the shreds directly from the freezer around 1 Tbspn, and fold in well with the egg mix, do not beat, pour in the hot pan. One side done, flip and cook the other side, serve hot along with bread as a sandwich or with rotis. (Once it cools , the cheese becomes chewy, hence serve hot.)
One more variation is not to mix the cheese shreds in the egg mix, pour the egg mix in pan. When one side is done, sprinkle the frozen shreds on surface, and flip it carefully. When the omelette is done, the bottom side up, will have beautifully crisp cheese on top and soft omelette below. I do not have a photo of it. Children will scrape and eat the crisp cheese first :D

(Shall try to post picture of EGG FATAYER in few days time. )

Any other variation, do try it out, it is very filling any style you make !
More omelette details are here.

Treasure the sight of child eating with love! :D

Very popular street food of Mumbai, loved by one and all. Its available in two ways, the filling is sandwiched and given in a round bread or the bread is lightly toasted in butter and the filling is sandwiched. The tantalizing part is the crunch from nuts or dryfruits and sev. I love the toast version.
Couldn't resist making it from MEERA @ ENJOY INDIAN FOOD, link from Tarala Dalal, just perfect measure and too good in taste. Follow the exact recipe and enjoy the praises! :D
Thanks Meera!

MOM'S DELIGHT- Condensed Milk, Biscuit,Cocoa Treat!
Mom's Delight is a dessert that comes from Edible Garden by Nags.
Thanks to you and your mom for sharing such a wonderful dessert, flavored best on the next day! (Made it in a 9" sqaure pan. Used 10 Digestives rest all being same! )

Would post on a weekly basis atleast from now on! :D Thanks for your support dear friends!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome-2010, Err in FEB! Dhoddak-(Pan-IdliFry) , Candied Awala

Belated wishes of all that has passed n all that is to come!!!!!

HAPPY 2010 and a HALA FEBRUARY! Already into Feb, yeah..thats common knowledge..am here after a long blogocomma, 10 months to be precise.

Idli is the most common thing on breakfast table, all of us at times have looked for variation with our already bored kids as in making mini idlis, or stuffed ones etc.
Here is one variation which I loved the most as a kid. My children too are fond of it. It has been called DHO-DD-ak, in Konkani, the only difference between idli fry and dhoddak is , batter is directly poured in a small kadhai, no steaming involved and its bigger than an idli, maybe around two and half idlis in one, is quite filling as well!

The process is as follows :

Recipe for IDLI batter is from here.

Dhoddak / PAN-Idli Fry

Ingredients :
Idli batter as needed ( 2 cups will serve 4)
The below is for each Dhoddak:
1 Tbspn Coconut Oil (opt, u may choose vegetable oil)
1/4 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp jeera seeds

Method for Dhoddak :
Heat the kadhi. Add 3/4 Tbspn the oil, splutter rai and crackle jeera, on low flame, pour a ladle (approx 1/4 C to less than 1/2 C) batter, cover with lid and allow to cook. Around two minutes later, check for surface, should be cooked partially, without traces of raw batter. Drizzle the remaining oil, flip and cook uncovered for around 1-2 mins.
Serve HOT with the seasoning facing top. Accompany the dish with normal coconut chutney.

** The above pic is for my kids lunch, they don't like to bite into rai-jeera, so its skipped and served alongside honey. Size approx 3.5" in diameter. I have given those cuts so that it cools and tiny hands can have bite size pieces! :D ENJOY!!

The other good yummy is made from Gooseberries, known as 'Awala' is a sweet after food treat.

Sundried Meetha Awala / Candied Awala

Ingredients :
500 gms gooseberries
250 gms sugar
1/8th tsp pepper powder
1/8th tsp kala namak/black salt (normal wd do)

Method :
Wash the gooseberries, add double water in a vessel and pressure cook them upto only one whistle. Allow to cool, discard water in which it was boiled , they segment easily. De-seed them
and in a 1 kg capacity glass bottle, which has been sterilized and dried, layer them with sugar.
One layer of awala segments, one layer sugar. Once all the awala and sugar is used up close the lid tight and sundry in strong sun for upto 7 days. Pick the pieces from the bottle and lay them on a non-reactive plate, or a plate/tray lined with an aluminum foil. Let it dry on this for few hours on the counter sprinkle the pepper powder, kala namak and store this in an airtight container refrigerated. Eat after meals or simply :) Bet you can't resist!

More posts to come up...hope I get a good kick out of this first post of 2010!! Have a great week!!