Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Neerulli Dosa With Ulli Chamanthi /Onion Dosa with Onion Chutney

Kannada dosa with Malayali chutney :D --- clarification --> Neerulli is Kannada for onion, Ulli is Malayalam for onion! Hence Karnataka ka Onion Dosa with Kerala ki Onion Chutney!

Shilpa has a weekly which has over 50+ dosas, she has been posting authentic traditional ones along with few tried and tested ones from the weekly like this Onion Dosa...being a thorough lover of dosa and maximum of my recipes which I have tried out are from her blog, are a huge hit at home. I would again like to thank you- SHILPA for all your efforts, trials and hardwork behind posting these with stepwise explanation as well as photos where needed!

1 cup dosa rice
1 cup toor daal
1 cup chana daal
1 cup chopped onion
1 cup freshly scraped / dessicated coconut
1/2 tsp tamarind paste
3-4 red chillies(bedgi for color)
1/2 cup chopped fresh coriander leaves
Oil for making dosas

Dosa- Method :
Wash and soak rice, toor daal and chana daal for 5 hours. Grind into a smooth dosa consistency batter and leave for 1 hour. Grind the coconut, red chillies, onion and tamarind into a paste of sauce consistency along with salt and mix to the batter. Add the finely chopped coriander leaves to the batter. (Shilpa has ground the coriander as well-we like it this way, hence tweaked it a bit). Heat a non-stick tava and prepare dosas flipping on both sides till golden brown.

Ulli Chamanthi-Ingredients:
1 large red onion
4-5 red chillies (bedgi)

Ulli Chamanthi- Method
Slice the onions, in a pan, heat around a tsp of oil and fry these onions till golden brown, add the chillies. Put off the flame, allow to cool. Once cooled, grind finely into a paste, add salt. Thats all ....simple and fast..a treat to tastebuds! I love this chamanthi -its the best for me!!

Now without wasting a single minute, eat the hot ONION dosas with this lovely ONION chutney!! Absolutely filling and heavenly breakfast!


Pooja said...

Hi there,
Your Dosa looks yummy ! I am a big dosa fan , and i love any kind of dosa :) . yours is temptimg me to make some soon ...
thanks for sharing :) .
thanks for visiting my blog too.
I will wait to hear from you about kaju katli, try it it is easy to make, jsut keep the points i noted in mind,
Stay tuned and Keep blogging :D.

Purnima said...

Hi Pooja..surely try out your pick of dosa! Pleasure to hv you on my space! Keep visiting! :) (Kaju katli scheduled for coming wd post a feedback for sure)


This is a lil bit similar to our Adai made with rice and dal combination...This one is new to me and bet it will taste great!!

Purnima said...

RK..I hv tried few variation and every slight change adds to a change in taste! The onions,ginger,chillies,coriander lend a different taste to this one!

Shella said...

While your dosa looks gorgeous, I am in love with the chutney. Cant wait to taste it. I am sure it tastes yummylicious

Purnima said...

Shella--> welcome here!Don't think of wasting a moment ...two ingr thats it..namak toh TATA ka har ghar mein hota hi hai? Right..:) try n let me know how you liked it! I can simply gulp down the chutney by itself!! :D
Keep hopping on my blog! Glad to have you!

Shella said...

Great idea Purnima. Thanks fro dropping by at mine. BTW, I dont store all the recipes in hard copy. most of of them are right on my pen drive. You know I was telling a friend the other day that I have so many recipes that every day of my life, I can make a new dish!!! Isint that funny - not that I try too many!! Just collect them.