Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chat (Not Chaat) Award :D , Pizza , Aam Panha ,Cake.

Thanks Meera and thanks Asha!

The image reminds me of Ads of early 80's!

The word CHAT first made me drool - my brain was prompt to send msgs that its the English word for talking or chit-chatting! :( So no Chaat as in Bhel/Paanipuri...hmmmm...

Meera this homemade Alphonso Icecream with Pista n Alphonso cubes -- Virtual one- tere naam! Ho jaaye?

I am humbly forwarding this award to -

Shilpa, Manisha, Deeba, Pravs, Swapna and Maya back to Meera as well!!

Thankyou for being such nice and prompt in response! Some I mail, some though chat and some through comments, but the chat keeps flowing!! Makes my day special!! Very special!!!


Pizza as the title suggests was our weekend Brunch!

I have made it from this source -- HERE

Why did I settle on Pizza- my two tiny angels were busing humming the song from Barney

"Peethja Peethja, nothing beats a peetja, its my tummy's fav or ate!! " elder one
Younger one joins in 'Pijjjjjaaa Pijjjjaa' with a hop, clap and jump!! Heehee! Fun to watch them do!

(Here-Link to this particular song, and also a nice 'how to make pizza dough' song your kids would love these songs, if they are under 4! Some parents I know are already fed up of the CD's due to the number of times a kid wants to see it, a rocker would surely agree!)

Since both had sung and didn't know what it is, I thought of making it at home from scratch.
I had a dear friend who had involved us in the process of pizza-from-scratch-with-sauce-too some 4 years ago, which I conveniently forgot amidst the fun we had! Now I miss those beautiful days which used to be fun filled, with my friend changing country, I totally miss the adventurous and magnetic couple a lottttttt..those happy potluck parties etc!

Ingredients :

EVOO, Moz. Shredded Cheese, I used a ready Pizza Sauce 400gm tin, Veggies of your choice as toppings, the dough (divided into four portions) as below - one portion was under WIP with me :D

Method :
The pizza dough rolled out thick, first spread few drops of olive oil, spoon the sauce, spread the mozzarella shreds, toppings, for extra cheesy, little more cheese on top.

Inside the oven preheated for 10 mins @ 400F, then 15 mins of baking or until the cheese melts and the base is crisp, take it out.

The first one that came out, crisp base and yummy outcome- got pat on the back from Hubby and kids loved it too. Was too happy for them and I loved it as well!!

My daughter came up with a fancy topping request..and I catered to it, she relished it with raised brows with wows and yummy's at each bite!!

She had fresh pineapple toppings!


I had mine with a glass of refreshing Kairi Panha from Raaga-The Singing Chef!
Thanks to her mom, n no I am already aquired by the 'Khattas of Kairis!' so no sweat in aquiring a taste for this!!
Raaga, the use of black salt and cumin powders truly enhanced the taste of this Kairi Panha and it is going to be a regular till I can get hold of 'Kairis' or Raw mangoes!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Hey Raaga, I even made a sweet pickle to which I added black salt and cumin powder amidst others, idea from you! Thanks yet again.

Also during the last week, my baking session was in full swing, my mind could not get over Sunita's lovely droolofying photo of Cherry Cake she recreated from her memory!!
WHAT A TREAT IT WAS!! Anyone of you, don't go by the looks of mine, I am not good at presentation or photography, but can vouch that the taste was just amazingggggggggglyyyyyyy SSSUUUUUUPPPPPERRRRRRRRRRBB!! Try it once to know!!


Would you join me in having a piece each??!!!


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Palak Puris, Idli Fry, Popcorn, MW Orange Streusel Cake

Paalak Puris, the best way to reach spinach in the tiny tummies! :D
These can be consumed as a breakfast or evening snack item, goes well with subzis or plainly with ketchup.

Ingredients :
2 cup wheat flour/atta
1 cup chopped spinach
1 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 finely chopped green chili/half tsp red chili powder
1/4th tsp turmeric/haldi
1/2 tsp ajwain/omam/ova
Luke warm water

Method :
In a wide vessel add chopped spinach, ginger garlic paste, chili,haldi,ajwain seeds, salt.
Add one cup of luke warm water to this and mix well, add the flour and make a semi-soft dough kneading well with fingers. Apply few drops of oil and knead again.
In a small kadhai, enough to accomodate one puri, heat oil (you can save oil by this method- I used little less than half a cup of oil for deep frying these 12 puris ).

Make 12 lime sized portions of the dough, roll out into discs or puris, lay out on a newspaper, without stacking them.

Deep fry by immersing in hot oil, use the perforated spoon to press it down slightly till it puffs and rolls over the other side on its own, another few seconds and place the puri on kitchen towel/absorbent paper.

Serve with accompaniment of your choice, mainly...serve to notti kids!

Srivalli, off this post goes to join a Mela/Fair!

Roti Mela- Virtual Palak Puris for you!

Idli Fry

Another snacking item, easy to make from leftover idlis.
Cut 4 idlis into small cubes, season them...
Take a tsp oil in hot kadhai, add two pinches rai, one pinch jeera,
three sliced pearl onions, one red chili-broken into 4, one sprig curry leaves, saute, add salt to this, add the idli cubes saute again for some more time and a serve a spiced idli fry!

Plain Salted Popcorns For Kiddos Snack

Kids love plain salted popcorn (you can flavour them too! Here )

Take a pressure cooker, dry it by heating the base, add one tbspn oil, tilt the cooker base to coat the bottom with oil. Heat it on medium flame, add one third cup of hard corns ensuring to spread over the base, don't crowd them. Cover the lid upside down-ie. the steam release hose to face downward, in one minute popping sounds will be heard, pick the cooker carefully by handles and without disturbing the lid from place, give it upward-down jerks twice or thrice. In three minutes the pop-corn are done : put off the flame, sprinkle salt all over the popcorns and mix well.

Serve on a laaarrrrggggeee plate and watch the kids clean them off with glee!!

Asha's Orange Streusel Microwave Cake (In 5 mins!!!)

This was wonderful cake, came out well and went great with cream! Thanks Asha..

Award Time :

Priyanka of Notyet100 awarded me this lovely one, thankyou for considering me for this lovely Pink award! I Rocked with it, now passing on to bloggers who Rock!

1. Shilpa of Aayis Recipes
2. Deeba of Passionate About Baking
3. Meera of Enjoy Indian Food
4. Asha of Aroma/Foodies Hope
5. Manisha of Indian Food Rocks
6. Maya of Konkan World

(Maybe this is the umpteenth time u guys are recieving this, but I love your Blogs and feel you ROCK)

5. Nanditha Prabhu of Satvika & Miles to Go...
6. Divya of Easy Cooking
7. Ranji of Ranji's Kitchen Corner

And to all you lovely readers and fellow bloggers who truly rock, irrespective of Awards!


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two "I's" - Breakfast , A Meal and Subzi - A Sheet Cake Too!! :D

Two I's- Hmm.. here they go, one for Ishtu one for Idiyappam!

This is again a filling brunch, Kerala-special, Konkani-special has a variation-Shevai, would not digress and post the Konkani version someday.
Idiyappam is the name of rice noodles steamed on a Idli mould and served with either Ishtu, a nice accompaniment or with 'Sweet Coconut Milk' for kids and makes for a filling breakfast.
Idiyappam/Nool Puttu
Ingredients :
1 cup Rice flour
1 cup water
Salt to taste

Method :
Boil water and keep aside. In a wide bowl combine the salt with rice flour. Make a well in the flour, add little warm water at a time knead with spoon or fingers into a smooth dough.
Keep a chakli press, the small plate with tiny -perforations and the idli mould greased with 'coconut oil' .

Divide the dough in two parts. Push the plate with perforations facing ungreased side at bottom, dump the dough in it, close the press. Pipe the dough sometimes baking interferes! :D Press the dough in circular motion on each of the greased dent, steam for 10 minutes.

(My way - Pressure cooker steaming - Add two cups of water, put on high flame, place the idli stand in, cover the lid minus whistle/weight, watch the steady steam come out, lower the flame, watch time, 10 mins, after which put off the flame- allow a minute, then open the lid, carefully without touching or getting touched by cooker, take the hot nool puttus / idiyappams out- same way for idlis too.)

Now place these in a serving plate, add dessicated or fresh coconut over each, little sugar if you prefer sweet.

Serve it with Ishtu or Sweet Coconut Milk!

Sweet Coconut Milk

Half cup thick coconut milk mix with 2-3 tbspn chopped jaggery/ sugar, flavoured with a pinch of cardamom powder. Pour over idiyappams and enjoy!

Potato Ishtu

This is the simplest yet flavorsome curry. Stewed veggies and no oil! Mine is a only 'Potato' version-

Ingredients :

5 medium sized potatoes skinned -cubed
1 medium onion -sliced
1 inch ginger - julienned
2-3 green chilies-slitted
2 sprig fresh curry leaves
1 cup thin coconut milk* 1 cup thick coconut milk

(* I have used ready powder- Maggi Coconut Powder, directions 4 thick n thin milk behind the pack- Use fresh coconut milk if you can easily extract it for richest flavor))

Method :
Place a kadhai on low flame, pour the thin milk, add in succession- onions, green chilies, ginger, potato cubes, mix well, cover and cook for 10-15 minutes, stirring it in between. Once the potatoes are cooked, (shd hold shape -not go mushy) add salt, curry leaves. Add the thick or first milk of coconut, mix well and remove from heat source to prevent curdling.

Serve hot with Idiyappams!!

** I have no authority over authenticity of dishes, I cook and post what suits my family and pantry.

The above I watched my Mil's Mother make. My hubby and kids enjoyed it, so did I, when would *U*? :D

There are few more dishes -

Gatte Ki Subzi - Vee's Past,Present N Me- Veg Dish!
Channe ke aatey ka gatta, flavoured with curried curds!
Vee thanks for this simple tasty subzi, loved your directions to make it!

Sunita's Oilfree Chicken Curry was a hit with rice and chapatis, kids too liked it. Thanks Sunita!

Divya's - Soi Bhajjil Masolu in Chanya Gashi

Divya- tks for the 'masolu' n this recipe, made with kabooli channa- enjoyed the flavour! Made our Meal!!

This is my Whanni's (SIL's) fave - For u, dear!!

And wrap it up with this yummy TEXAN SHEET CAKE from Asha!

Asha said in her post, add some color, when I checked with my daughter, *PINK* she said!

This is the first time I made a cake, which called for cooking up the butter and water then mixing the ingredients - Interesting Isn't it?

The sponge is something to DIE FOR!!

Its moist and melt-in-the-mouth types !!

Can be had on its own!

Here a glance at the steps --

Baked @170C for 30 mins and inverted on another tray.

Iced Pinkyyyy with chopped almonds,cashews and pista in it!

(Kids do not like Walnuts hence substituted them with the nuts)

The cake cut to pieces half an hour past icing....



Tuesday, May 13, 2008

*Top 10* MeMe

Yet again have been tagged by Meera-EIF for a picture MeMe - all i need is pick up 10 pics from my own blog and post it here, simple! It took me so long to just put up this post..SORRY Meera!
Here goes : -

1. Spidey Cake (Web Pattern-First Time Decorated for Son's 2nd Bday)

2. Black Forest Cake : (My First Attempt at Whipped Cream)

3. Deebas Swiss Roll with Mango Ice-Cream

4. Eggless Dates Cake - Shilpa

5. Vanilla Choco-chip Muffins

6. Choco-chip Cookies (My First Cookies)

7. Brown Rice-Barley Dosa (A weekly regular at home from Dalitoy blog, Manjula)

8. Shilpa's - Pesarattu: Another weekly at my place - Moong Daal and Rice Dosa

9. Ramya's Uppu Huli Dose : Spicy Sour Pann-Polo

10. Gajar Halwa

Meera I too had good time with TOP 10 MeMe!
Please take it up my dear friends as tagging is no compulsion!! I would be glad to see you gals doing this post!

Deeba has tagged me for this - " YOU MAKE MY DAY" award! Thanks Deeba for considering me for this cute little one, loved the words which mean a lotttttttttttt!

I surely wish to pass it on to those who make my DAY!

1. Shilpa# Aayis Recipes

2. Meera # Enjoy Indian Food

3. Maya # Konkan World

4. Asha # FoodiesHope/Aroma

I wish to pass it on to the lovely foodie bloggers who beautifully blog about food in diverse ways! Thanks dear all, your posts mean a lot to me!!!

Thanks again, Deeba!!!


Monday, May 12, 2008

Garlic Bread N Some Summer Coolers~

No...I haven't baked that was one of those lazy weekends, we had got this baguette which is fresh and tastes heavenly, so what with Garlic Bread the flavours of Baguette brought out even more - I went for this Pizza house starters, as my breakfast menu! :D
I learnt this from a friend of mine. Its simplest, gets ready in ten mins.

Ingredients :
1 medium baguette (french loaf)
1 tbspn unsalted butter at room temp
2-3 big garlic cloves ground to paste
Salt to taste
1/4 tsp dried herbs or simple fresh coriander finely chopped
250 gms mozzarella cheese shredded

Method :
Slice the baguette diagonally by one inch. Place on grilling rack.

Microwave the butter and garlic paste, for 30 seconds on high power, mix well and combine salt as per taste and the finely chopped coriander or dried herbs. Brush this on one side of the sliced baguette.

Spread the mozzarella cheese shreds on each.

Grill or Bake @ 350F until the cheese melts and turns golden. Serve with accompaniment or sauce of your choice...we had ours with chilli garlic ketchup.
If grilling in mw, set on combi mode, first round will take 5 mins- break into 3 mins, standing time a minute, another 2 mins its done. Second round will take less time as the grill is already hot. 3 mins. DONOT take out immediately the grill is working on the pieces even after the mw has stopped. So again a minute there, then serve hot.

Some Summer Coolers :

Mango Juice - Blended Alphonso mango with one fourth measure of water to puree, two tsp sugar and a pinch of cardamom.

Mango Milk Shake - Added two tablespoon low fat milk and one tsp of condensed milk to above.

Heavenlyyyyyyyyyy Blissssss to parching throat!

Water Melon Juice - Blended a quarter of melon cubes with 2 tsp sugar, a pinch of cardamom powder , tiny pinch of salt and tiny pinch of pepper powder...yuuuuuummmmmm!

Its filling as well as a thirst quencher!

Kiwi Lime Juice -
Blend the below ingredients -

4 kiwis sliced, 4 limes juice extracted, 2 tbspn sugar, water

-strain and serve Chilled!

Its tart and sweet but refreshingggggggg!!!

Have your pick!!! Njoi the coolers!!