Sunday, September 2, 2007

Tantalising Cofffffffeeeeee

I began to eat from those who cooked, so to start on, I would like to pay a homage to my Mother, my Aunt, my Mother-in-law and her Mother, my Sister-in-laws for their lovely culinary that I have always relished!

To begin with, I need to thank profusely dear Shilpa of Aayis Recipes' fame, whose discovery was accidental in this web world, but not only did I get hooked on to her recipes, I loved cooking what she put on her lovely page etched with the minutest details, tips and photographs. The turning point came, when she became my inspiration in the world of baking! I went ahead bought myself an oven(courtesy pati-dev) set to baking after lot of research on the same. So generous amounts of "Thanks" to my first and ever blog I initially visited. Shilpa is an extremely dedicated and 'sincere to blog' type of person...very humble too! Shilpa is the inspiration behind my own blog too! THANK YOU SHILPA.
The other blogger who boggled my mind was Archana with her lovely blog "Spicyana"...her baking skills are to die for and all her other skills...she is a virtuoso in everything!
One more special blogger is Vee of Past,Present and Me fame, has people in splits with the lovely write-up that accompanies her dishes!

Now all thanks-giving over, I am returning to what I love making/preparing the most to begin my first post with...Coffee...yup I am a coffee lover and prepare it the way that suits my tastebuds the most! So heregoes...

Ingredients :
1 cup milk (I prefer low fat)
1 tsp instant coffee powder
Sugar to taste (2 tsp)
Cinnamon powder - a pinch for garnish(optional)

Method :
Heat the milk, just enough warm. Pour in a cup over sugar and coffee powder, mix wt spoon.
I usually use a hand blender to obtain a frothy cup of coffee. Sprinkle some cinammon powder, Njoi!!!


shilpa(aayisrecipes) said...

Ohh I am blushing here...Don't know if I deserve so many good words, but I am deeply touched. Thanks a lot. All the very best for your blog.

PDM said...

Hi Shilpa, what luck for me, you are my first visitor! Pls don't say truly deserve more than this. Thanks to you again, welcome on my blog.