Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Godu Appo / Sweet Appams

Today is the 10th day of Ganesh Utsav and I wish to present for departing Ganesha, a sweet delicacy.

Our childhood delicacies were mostly home made sweets until two decades back, and after that the world of Sweet Shops threw open their doors for all of us and we could buy any type of sweet, any thing that we could wish for !!! Coming back ....speaking of home-made goodies, there are many like Patholi, Godi Idli, Kall-lailo-pohu, Godu polo, etc..in a common Amchigele household! This Godu Appo is traditionally made by soaking whole wheat. But with the passing era, many short cuts have evolved in every field, also in cooking, saving on time and energy! So these appams are made with Rava now at my place and in many households!

The Appey (Konkani name) / Appams(South Indian name) I shall blog below are from my mother, who makes it truly yummy, I never ate less than 10 myself at one go! I have taken the conversions from dear Vee as my amma, makes them with approximative quantity of ingredients. She normally keeps the batter for 15 mins -30 mins but I have followed part instructions from Vee Kay of Past, Present and Me.

Here goes the recipe , once you prepare and taste this delicacy you would know why!

1 cup fine rava(semolina, rulao)
1/2 cup water
1 1/2 cup jaggery (scraped)
1 cup coconut scrapings(preferably white part only)
2 tbspn poha (washed,drained)
1-2 tsp of fresh cardamom powder
Ghee or Oil

Method :
In a mixer blend the coconut with water, use little at a time, into a homogenous mixture.(source-Vee) Add jaggery and blend into one mass. The consistency at this stage will be like that of glue. Add the Rava/Semolina and blend till incorporated into the coco-jag mixture completely. To give this mixture body, add the washed thick poha and blend for another minute.
Set aside to rest for minimum 1 hour. Add the cardamom powder mix well.

Take the special appam pan, it has concave dents/depressions. Pour a tsp oil / ghee into each depression, once it heats up, add one tablespoon of batter into each dent. Cook uncovered on medium flame.(Tks Vee for this tip). Once the sides are browned, flip it over with aid of a knife and spoon. In another minute the other side should be done. Repeat the oil, batter, flip process.

I got 29 appams in my 9 dent pan. It tasted exactly the way amma makes them! Yummy.

Happy Ganeshotsav To All Of You!


Manjula said...

Me too made appo/appey for Chauti. But I didn't have the appe kaili, so deep fried in ghee. My MIL uses whole wheat flour instead of rava.
Nice to meet you. Will visit your blog more often.

Purnima said...

Welcome to my blog, Manjula. I guess thats the spirit of Chauti, you managed to make appey in a different style!!My MIL makes these with whole wheat flour+ coconut pieces too.

Timepass said...

The appams look so tempting and so does the Black Forest cake. I am also a big fan of Monginis cakes.. My blog can be accessed fine through IE..do try it once again please and let me know..Few people were not able to view in Mozilla.

nams said...

Could u please let me know how to prepare "GODU APPO" with "SOAKING WHOLE WHEAT" traditional way awating for ure reply