Monday, September 17, 2007

Lemon Grass Kashayam/Takka Tana Kasayu/Kadha for Cold

'Kasayu' as we call it in Konkani, has played a vital role in relieving cold since my childhood.
I am not too sure if all Konkani households prepare this concoction for cold. The lemon grass commonly known as "Takkatana" in Konkani is the vital ingredient used. This drink has a longer effect on cold and fights cold effectively than any other home remedies.
This is how lemon grass looks. The top left picture of grass is the main ingredient. It is folded neatly and sold as bundles. One bundle of grass is utilized for one time use.
The other ingredient, rock candy too is second main ingredient, a form of sugar and is known to be effective in coughs. It is called Khadi Sakhar in Konkani,Marathi. Kalkandam in Malayalam.
You may sweeten this Kashayam more, if it is being consumed by a kid.

How to prepare :

Ingredients :
1 bunch of lemon grass
2 inch fresh ginger piece / dried ginger piece(soonthi) 1"
2 tbspn coriander seeds
1 tbpsn black peppercorns
150 gms rock candy (Khadi sakhar)
1 litre water

Method :
In a pan bring to boil the water and sugar. Lower the flame and with the help of a mortar & pestle, crush the lemon grass, till slight juice is released, the ginger piece (soonthi recommended, if not available resort to fresh ginger) if fresh crush till juice is released and add to boiling water, crush the peppercorns and coriander seeds a bit, add to the water. Boil covered, and put off the flame. Drink when hot.

PS : If serving for kids, add a little milk - ratio 3:1 kashayam: milk.
Use a strainer to hold back the sediments.

The shelf life is only one day. Hence if you make it in morning, drink a glass, and re-heat and drink in the evening. Throw away if there is any leftover after that as it will get spoilt. Donot refrigerate.


Vee said...

I love this , Purnima. It is such an old recipe and am so glad to hear takka taNa. Am so glad you are blogging, too.

Chavathi greetings to you and yours!

PDM said...

Vee, thankyou for your greetings and wish you the same. I have loved this kasayu so much so that I used to drink it like paanak, with more sugar! Amma used to make huge quantity when I showed signs of cold.