Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Black Channa Curry / Channya Gushii

This curry with Black channa has been my favourite since childhood. Kids simply love boiled & salted channas. My mom and her sisters make this curry so delicious, one can simply sit and eat this curry by itself.

Ingredients :
1 cup black chana (soaked overnight)
1 cup freshly scraped/dessicated/frozen coconut
3/4 tsp tamarind pulp
3-5 bedgi red chillies
1/2 tsp fenugreek/methi seeds
1 tsp mustard/ rai seeds
3-5 stems curry leaves
1 tbpsn coconut oil
Salt to taste

Method :
Pressure cook the soaked channas with 4-5 cups of water, for upto 6 whistles. Blend to paste - coconut, tamarind pulp and red chillies with water to obtain thick consistency. Take this paste in the pan you would be cooking in. Add water to thin it, if needed, add salt. Bring it to one boil on medium flame.
Add the chana only-retain the water that has been used to boil it (there is a saaru which is made of this water which I shall blog about soon!) Let the masala get absorbed by channas, after which there will be another boil. Put off the flame. Take tadka pan, add coconut oil, once heated, add rai. On spluttering of rai, add methi seeds and put off the flame. Add curry leaves.
Pour it on the channa curry, cover with lid for 5 minutes for the fresh tadka flavour.
Serve when hot with rice or chapathis.

Try this variety from Shilpa - at Aayis Recipes. Link below.

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K.Boy said...

My favorite, or all Konkanis, is this Chane Ghashi. In Kuwait (I was in Saudi for three years in Aramco), I am sure there are also lots of grocery stores run by Malabaris and they carry fresh Kadagi. It will be more flavorful when you add to this ghashi next time. Here in US we only get in cans imported from Thailand, which is next close to fresh.