Thursday, September 13, 2007

Malai Modak

I was new to blogging then. I was happily reading Shilpa's recipe. There was a comment from Vee, which showed a link to her site. I went there, just curious to see what posts this Lady had....I was totally mesmerized with her narrative!! She is a gifted writer I should say!

Having a weakness for mithais, especially pedhas, barfis, bengali sweets etc....I got hooked on to this recipe which I found here-
Thanks to Vee Kay for posting this lovely recipe.

I kept drooling, in my mind the thought of preparing it appeared--the sooner the better !!
I was truly happiest with the results ! Made this thrice already due to the lovely taste!

Ingredients :
250 gms Ricotta Cheese
250 gms thick whole milk cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 tsp cardamom powder
few strands kesar (saffron)
2 tbspn Desi Ghee (Amul)

Method :
Take a heavy bottom, wide pan. Heat the ricotta cheese on medium flame,with continuous stirring for 5 minutes. The cheese will first melt and again regain its texture. Add the cream, stir till the liquid dries out. Crush the kesar with fingers(for best colour) and add it. Keep stiring all the keep the mixture from burning or sticking to bottom! Keep stirring till you obtain the original cheese texture for approx 10 minutes. Add sugar, increase the flame, cook till it forms a ball. Put off the gas. Add ghee and cardamom powder. Mix very well. Cool it and shape into modaks! The number of Modaks depend on the size you have made. Makes 21-25 modaks.

Vee I sincerely thank thee, for thou hast bringeth this lovely recipe on Past,present and meeeeeee!!


Anu said...

Gosh! now you have me drooling :) I too want to try this yummmy recipe.

Vee said...

happy-eth to Obligeth thou... :D

PDM said...

Hello Anu, welcome to my blog.You ought to give it a try..once! you will not stop after that!

Vee..thank you..Pls check out the crispy chicken (of course after our festival is over..m sure Aayush will like it!)

Arun Shanbhag said...

Purnima - glad to see your new site as well.
Keep up the recipes and looking forward to seeing more drool worthy recipes.
(came here from Vee's).

(another konkani!)