Thursday, September 6, 2007

Methi / Fenugreek Seeds Laddoos-Medicinal

Post-delivery, all new moms face lot of problems, one of them is ache in the back/spine. These laddoos have methi (fenugreek seeds) in them which have the property to resurrect back as per our forefathers, plus produce more milk which is true. Two of these a day truly aid the back to recover soon!

Wikipedia says -"Fenugreek is mainly used as digestive aid, its ideal for treating sinus and lung congestion, reducing inflammation, and fighting infection. Fenugreek seed is widely used as a galactagogue (milk producing agent) by nursing mothers to increase inadequate breast milk supply.

Supplements of fenugreek seeds were shown to lower serum cholesterol, triglyceride, and low-density lipoprotein in human patients.Several human intervention trials demonstrated that the antidiabetic effects of fenugreek seeds ameliorate most metabolic symptoms associated with type-1 and type-2 diabetes .In recent research, fenugreek seeds were shown to protect against experimental cancers of the breast and colon . In India it is also called methi dana." For more info, please visit the link

Moving to our recipe, Methi Laddoo... here are the details.

Ingredients :

2 cup whole wheat flour(gehu ka atta)

1 1/4 cup powdered sugar

1 1/2 cup ghee (+ 1tsp for binding)

1 1/2 tbsp methi seeds

1 tbsp cumin seeds(jeera)

1 1/2 tbsp fennel seeds (saunf)

Method :
In a small tadka pan, dry roast methi, jeera,saunf on low flame till lovely aroma is given off. Put off the flame. Cool it, grind it into fine powder.
In a heavy bottom kadai, heat the ghee and add atta. Roast on medium flame, till the atta turns brown and emits lovely aroma. It takes approx. 15 mins till done. Once done, lower the flame and add the spices powder. Mix in well. Then add sugar and combine it till incorporated properly. Put off the gas at this point. Let it cool for around 15min uncovered.

Apply little ghee on both palms and bind the above mixture into laddoos.
With the above quantity you can make approx 27-30 medium sized laddoos. Place into airtight container. Shelf life is 20 days. Remember, it has a bitter aftertaste. Hence do not compare with other sweet laddoos.

Tip : If you want to have it rolled into khus-khus, please use more ghee i.e 2 cups so that the laddoos bind good enough to get the khus khus stuck on it when rolled.

Desi ghee is rich in calcium, hence post delivery, most of the ladies have to consume it. Others also can consume it for good health. Diabetics can use sweetners instead of sugar during preparing this.


Meera said...

I remember eating them after Gudiya was born along with dink ladoo, aliv ladoo and mom used sunth (dried ginger), methi seeds and something called pimpri or pimpli in everything - just for me!! :-)

Shalini said...

Thanks for ur recipe,i was desperately looking for it.i am from rajasthan in india and my grandparents consume it every winter.