Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sabudana Khichdi / Sago Khichdi

Sabudana or Sago is used in many snacks and sweet items in India. The khichidi made out of it, is usually consumed as 'Fasting' item. This dish has many variations and one of my UP'ite friend had a different way of making it. I have not got her recipe with me though.

My SIL and MIL make this very deliciously! I have picked quite a few but important hints of preparing this from Shilpa's blog too.

Ingredients :
1 cup sabudana
2 medium potatoes skinned
1/2 cup roasted skinless peanuts
3 sprigs of curry leaves
1 tsp cumin seeds
2 green chillies
2 tsp sugar
3/4th tsp salt
2 tbspn fresh coconut (scraped)
2 tbspn ghee / oil

Method :

Wash & soak sabudana for 30 minutes in water previous night, drain water and keep covered in a colander for 8 hours or till morning)-this is most important step..tip is from Shilpa.
Loosen the grains of sabudana in case they are stuck to each other, with hand or spoon.
Crush the peanuts coarsely. Add the crushed peanuts, sugar and salt to sabudana and keep aside. Chop the potatoes into tiny cubes, slit the green chillies.

In a kadhai(heavy bottom kadhai) take ghee or oil, add cumin seeds. Once they splutter, add curry leaves and green chillies. Add the diced potatoes and saute for some time. Cover and cook for five minutes till potatoes are cooked.

Add the sabudana mixture and stir in properly. Cover and cook on low flame for another 5-7 minutes, stirring every minute. When the sabudana turns transparent, its done. Put off the gas.
Add the coconut and serve hot!

A tasty treat isn't it?


shilpa(Aayisrecipes) said...

I love this khichdi. When prepared properly, its so appetizing. Nice pictures P :).

Purnima said...

Shilpa, with that important tip from your blog, I was able to prepare this much so that its in demand even after its over!!