Monday, March 3, 2008

Udid-Maidya Polo / Dosa with Maida N Udad Batter

I have always liked it when Amma made this lovely dosa. It involves two main ingredients, Maida (all purpose flour) and Udad (black gram -split). I had totally forgotten about this, till I saw lovely Seema's post on it, memories flooded back! Me and my brother used to hold competition in having more, poor amma used to just pace from kitchen to living room balancing the hot dosas, the coconut chutney she made was out of this world.
Also when amma used to ask us of our choice for breakfast, I would always ask for this polo!!

Thankyou Seema, for posting this dosa.

These dosas need 5 hours soaking time, no fermentation and is cooked on one side only.

Ingredients :
1 cup udad daal
3 cups maida

Method :
Soak udad daal for 3 hours and grind to a paste, the consistency should be that of thick sauce.

In a big bowl, whisk 3 cups maida with double quantity of water till its lump-free, refrigerate for 4 hours. The water will stand clear on top of settled maida post 4 hours.

Discard the water carefully, add to it, the udad daal paste till uniformly combined. Add salt, check if it has dosa consistency. Add water, only if needed.

Heat a non-stick tava, spread a ladle full of batter, cover and cook on a medium flame.
Needs to be cooked one side. ( In the abv pic, by default, I cooked on other side too! )

Raw Mango Chutney :
1 small raw mango-deseeded,skinned n chopped to small pcs- equal or more coconut,two green chillies, 1/2 inch ginger, salt-ground together with half qty water..season wt rai,curry leaves in coconut oil preferably!!
(To turn it to curry, take the ground mango,add double the volume of beaten curds, then season, add a red chili or two in seasoning, this goes with rice! -its simply called maanga-moru kutaan)

Serve it with chutney of your choice. ( I served with mango chutney and sambhaar).

A tasty breakfast indeed!!!


Seema said...

Purnima - Thanks for trying it out & glad u all liked it.We like this dosa too.. its yum & easy to make :-)

Lavanya Raj said...

thats a great dosa..but iam keen in mango chutney:)

can u share the recipe??

Purnima said...

Seema --> Thanks to you, its now gonna be on our breakfast menu often!

Lavanya --> Its from my mil- 1 small raw mango-deseeded,skinned n chopped to small pcs- equal or more coconut,two green chillies, 1/2 inch ginger, salt-ground together with half qty water..season wt rai,curry leaves-coconut oil preferable..serve!! :D (To turn it to curry, take the ground mango,add double curds, then season..goes with rice!)

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

yumm!!! had never heard of urad dal and maida combo. Sounda really good...

Meera said...

How foodblogging reminds you of the cherished recipes, isn't it?
Dosa looks delicious.
wow, and loved your mango chutney recipe too. Noted down. What is the raw mango yogurt curry called?
Thanks for sharing.

Maya said...

My mom makes this too..Love it with bhajis..The mango chutney looks mouth watering..Am seeing the recipe here in ur comment..Will try it for sure..

shriya said...

This is really a different version of dosa. Looks like easy to make. great recipe.

Anonymous said...

i keep trying for good coconut chutney..but i am unsuccessful.
Please share your ammas coconut chutney recipe?


Purnima said...

Ramya --> tks for visiting me! You hv a lovely blog, do try this dosa to know its flavour!

Meera --> My mil simply calls it maanga-moru kutaan (mango curd curry)! :D

Maya --> Haaaaaaaaa, u too mom-made fan right! Mine makes soft like sponge,worth dying for!

Shriya --> Tks to Seema she came up with this most-loved-but-almost- forgotten dosa!! :)

Sneha --> 1 cup coconut fresh/frozen, 1/2" ginger chopped,2green chillies - grind to paste with 1/2 Cup water. Add salt to taste, pulse a bit for mixing. (use lukewarm water for grinding if using frozen coconut)
Season - coconut oil - 1/2 tbspn, rai,curry leaves 2 sprigs, red chillies-byadgi,a small pinch of pwdr hing.- Heat oil, crackle the rai, add hing, red chillies, curry leaves put off flame, mix with ground coconut paste. cover with lid for flavours to mingle.
Trust this wd help..kindly try this and provide your feedback.

Lavanya Raj said...

purnima..thanks for chutney recipe..sure i got to by 2 raw mangoes this week to try chutney and curry:)

thanks for stopping by my blog..

Anonymous said...

Thks purnima for the coconut chutney recipe.i will surely try your ammas style and let u know.