Wednesday, March 5, 2008


This would be first entry into Jai& Bee's photography event!

Miraculous Metal

Love blogging and bringing the aroma to my kitchen, new-found passion-baking!
With plethora of baked goodies to choose from, I have selected these bake wares and asst. bake wares :D for my very first entry to enigmatic couple who never cease to put us bloggers in awe with their charismatic blog, Jugalbandi.

Baking to me is an art, a way to relax and the watch the end product vanish!! Hence have chosen the muffin tray, whisk,beater,spring-form which reflects my passion, if it were not for these Miraculous Metals, there would not have been the yummy goodies!!! I am in love with these, totally!

Camera : JVC mini DV, model GR-D270AS.


Happy cook said...

Wow beautiful.

Dhivya said...

wonderful picture

bee said...

thank you for your kind words and a beautiful entry.

Mansi Desai said...

Looks good purnima! welcome to the photo-world of foodies:)

Meera said...

Oh, that's perfect! Knowing you passion for baking, this is the perfect metal from your kitchen!! Wonderful entry.

Jaya said...

Looks good ,great one .

Purnima said...

HC -->Tku!

Dhivya --> Tks!

Bee --> I have clicked eggs,noodles,...but never got around sending them to you, so this once thought 'I MUST'...tks for reverting!

Manasi --> B shd introduce a prize for coming last ...i wd bag it 4 sure! :D

Meera --> Its just not possible to imagine life without these metals now!