Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rachael Ray and A Lemon-Shortbread-Tart

I had no clue who Rachael Ray is [being non-US-ite ;-) ]when I read Sig's meeting post, Mythili's face morphed with another photo, comment coloumn fellow blogger acknowledged it as RR's face. Then came Deeba's post for a Yellow event! The link that I followed from hers' had hit straight in the face of the *Amature* baker in me, wanting to try this out soon! Thanks Deeba-for the exposure!

I simply tried this - url below :

It called for raspberries, since I had none on me, I tried with what I had, i.e 2 cups of chopped fresh strawberries + 1 cup of frozen blue berries, followed her simplest instructions and obtained a yum dessert!!

Attempting to post stepwise photos, which seem self explanatory, worth a try for all those who love lemony flavour, fruits and over all the base-its something to relish on!! I have plenty of ideas swimming in my head with the keeper base!!!

Here goes, firstly her original title changes with change in fruits!


1 stick+6 tbspn cold unsalted butter, 1 1/2C flour + 1/2 C sugar
combined to coarse crumbs texture, pressed down and baked.
The crisp golden base baked @200C /20 mins.

The berries, 3 cups of them, chopped n added on baked base.

Custard prepared with 3 eggs,3/4 cup sugar,2 lemon zest + 1/4 lemon juice....whisked n thick n ready to dive on berries.

There all of them together , a meeting prior to baking!

Baked at 150C/30 mins, custard set, left to cool...then let to cool and set again in a refrigerator, around 2 hours.

Flan ring opened, sugar powder dusted, all being absorbed by almost macerating berries... sliced to wedges with pizza cutter or sharp knife.

EAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT all that you can. Its heavyyyyyyyyyy!!!!



Sagari said...

beautiful tart purnima

Asha said...

RR is pretty popular here. Her catch words like EVOO,YUMM-O and STOOP etc makes her unique.Sometimes it irritates me too, she is loud, talks with her hand!:P

Tart looks delicious, Lemon always makes them smell so good!:)

DEEPA said...

yummy yummy one lday!!!

Uma said...

wow, the tart looks very yummy! I watch Rachel Ray's cooking shows on the Food channel almost everyday. She gives very easy and simple recipes.

Dhivya said...

looks lovely....amazing idea purnima...

Rachel said...

YUmm that must taste heavenly..I could do with one right now!

Shilpa said...

Ohh here people are crazy about RR Purnima. I get so irritated with her but I still used to watch her show(before we canceled out TV connection). She has some pretty good recipes(and makes burgers of everything she finds..haha). I still vote for Sanjeev Kapoor you know ;).
The short bread looks great. Repeating again...JOIN DARING BAKERS...

bee said...

oh, no. i thought some people were safe from rachael ray. she's nuts. :D

Maya said...

Yummy tart Purnima..I am looking forward to making this too..Looks really good.

Seema said...

Delicious Tart....RR is a popular chef here!

Mansi Desai said...

looks great Purnima! welcome to the world of RR:)

sowmya said...

lovely tart...your step by step procedures makes the recipe more wonderful...


Tart looks absolutely delicious!

Seena said...

No knowledge of RR, like you except what we know from other bloggers..! Anyway looks like an easy recipe, whoever shares easy and delicious recipes , thats a great thing.. isn't it? :D

Homecooked said...

Great looking tart !!! I dont really like Rachel Ray but this recipe looks good.I didnt know she could bake.

shriya said...

Hi purnima,
You have a very nice blog and good collection of recipes. Thanks for visting my blog. And when I saw rachel ray in your post I was surprised, because I am a big fan of her. she s an amazing cook and I love her shows. The tart looks so delicious and yummy. :-)

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

WAY TO GO Purnima. Yours looks fruitier & better than mine. I'm so envious you have so much more choice in fruit!! RR's recipes are so are you in with the Dbs? BTW...long time no ews? Hope all is well!! Lol

Purnima said...

Sagari --> Tku!

Ashakka --> I hv currently seen only a webpage of recipe, n if thats what she is like, then Good that I didnt watch her shows :) (trying her recipe n saying this too tcch tchh 4 me! )

Deepa -->Yum tks!

Uma --> I agree, she has simplified this one too!

Dhivya --> RR?? :D I hv an idea to make the base again, make usual custard on stove top, cool it,pour on base, freeze it,garnish wt fresh fruits, serve! Whatsay?? :D

Rachel --> B my guest pls!!

Oh Shilpa --> I don't know her, but SK, Rakesh Sethi n Tarala Dalal is what I hv been cooking, till blogging happened to me! :D *my kids r making me daring mom, so currently no time for daring baker*

B --> I still am! :D Saafeeeee!

Maya --> Do try it, but chk for doneness wt may b soggy in center, so u need to bake more! :)

Seema --> I just sensed her popularity! Tks!

Mansi --> Thankyou!!

Sowmya --> Appreciate ur comments on stepwise pics! :)

RK --> Tku!

Seena --> Absolutely..but I have to say good for RR, as I just tried out her recipe, isn't! :D Tku!

HC --> Is it so? Then thats the reason the webpage had some other gal doing the tart!! :-?

Hi Shriya --> Welcome Aboard, tks n ur blog is totally wonderful, loved being there!!

Deeba --> I thank you for the link, friend! Yours is gorgeous! I m not with DB yet! I m DM..daring mom! heee! Fruits truly hv made their way into the markets here!! Lots of fresh imports! :D (elder one ran temp-hece slowed down in blog-world):)

Meera said...

That's so YUMMO & DELISH...And u made it from START TO FINISH? Now u need to serve some SAMMIES and STOUP too along with EVOO!! Ha ha!! Thought of using Rachel Ray lingo here!!:-)
She is quite popular here.
& tart indeed looks very delicious! :-)

Pooja said...

Wow ! Tart looks Yummy Purnima :) .
thanks for sharing.

Purnima said...

Meera -->:D I just read the comments to know that she has a unique style of speaking..;) Tks for your lovely precious comment here!

Pooja --> Thanks goes to RR, yummy to I tried it n we liked it! :D
Thanks for your beautiful words..:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Purnima,
Nice to see a blogger from Q8.. I live here too. Such a coincidence I've book marked this recipe frm Deeba's blog to try it too, it looked and sounded DELISH as RR would say. I watch her everyday on MBC4.. she's loud and bubbly. Some of her recipes are not so doable, loads of cheese etc. but you get quick dinner ideas.
I dont have a blog but am an addicted blog hopper. Will see you around, as I can see some yummy recipes. Angela

Purnima said...

Angela --> Thanks for visiting my space n leaving such a heartening comment! glad that u r in kwi! Well firstly having 2 kids who can operate a tv gives options of having to watch only toon channels :(
Deeba is a well rounded cook/baker! Love her over these TV show ones! Hang around, blog world is truly sky-rocketing with recipes galore!