Thursday, March 13, 2008

Simplest Poha (Beaten Rice) Dosa/Aval Dosa And MORE!

Food memories are uplifted by some Posts, mine surely takes a somersault coming up not only with the dish but the lovely memories attached. A long forgotten dosa, made deliciously tasty by amma, popped to life on the sight of it at Seema's Everyday Cooking - HERE.
Seema's recipes are exact or near to the ones prepared at my maika!
Thanks Seema, for sharing the recipe, bringing back that tasteful memory and though this post comes pretty late, the dosa was tried promptly after setting my eyes on it! I served with runny tomato chutney which is not much blogworthy, proportion of water being bit more than needed!
Hence kindly focus on dosa only :)

Ingredients :
1 cup Sona mussorie rice
1/3rd cup urad daal
1 cup poha (thick variety)

Method :
Wash rice and daal together, soak for 3 hours. Just before grinding, wash the poha and leave in colander to drain, it will drain and fluff a bit in 5 mins flat! Grind the rice-urad to batter, then add the poha and grind again, check consistency, should be of dosa batter. Add salt, pulse it a bit and transfer to another vessel. fermenting needed!!!
Grease a hot non-stick tava, pour a ladle - full, spread, cover cook on one side for a minute or two, serve on dish alongside chutney of your choice!

Here are few Dishes from Shilpa's Aayi's Recipes -
SHE's a lovely person and full of patience and perseverance and My TOP FAVE Blogger!

Coorg Chicken Curry- Was absolute tasteful! We had with chapatis and rice!

Chicken Vindaloo
A delicious chicken curry which goes well with chapatis, I need to fry onions a little less, next time I make it! Easy to prepare!

All time fave Naan-katayis - 25 del.cookies of the measure
This time I pressed a piece of pistachio in each.
Wd reduce the baking soda to 3/4th tsp next to avoid salt taste
Added 1/2 cup flour in addition for correct consistency.

Not to forget, Shilpa, I have tried many more dishes from AR without photos, all were liked by family! Happy Spring holidays and vacation to you!

Meera of Enjoy Indian Food is a bubbly and enthu-cook! Two *healthy* posts worth making daily!!! This dish below is a sweet dish of corn, from Tarala Dalal, I made this especially to celebrate her 200th post! Thanks Meera, for being such a sweetheart.

This is called Makai Jajaria , a Udaipur speciality, where fresh corn is grated (I had used frozen sweet corn of US) which worked fine for this sweet. In the pic, I have used one ear of thawed frozen corn, due to lack of time, I didn't grate, but scraped the corn off kernel with a serrated knife.
or click on Tarala Dalal above.

I have tried out many of Meera's recipes too, would come up with them in other post.
They too get THUMBS UP sign!! THANKS MEERA!!

Meera, may you eat healthy innovative food from all regions and share them with your simplicity on your blog! With best compliments.



Happy cook said...

Oh you have cooked up a storm of dishes.
Send the dosa to srivalli she is having dosa mela

indosungod said...

No fermenting is a relief, especially during the winter months. I am in.

Asha said...

I just saw Avalakki dosa at Sri too, I love it. I have one posted at H too last year. Looks good Purni, love the list of Shilpa's too!:))

Seema said...

Thanks for trying out Poha Dosa from my Blog Purnima! Yes so many recipes r forgotten....So i try & post most of stuff i make....still so many dosa varieties pending! Shilpas blog has amazing recipes & now shes on a spree of posting before her vacation! Lovely blog she has....Congrats Meera on your 200 plus post! way to go! That was nice of you Purnima to celebrate along with her :-)

Meera said...

I am so touched, yaar. Thanks for the best wishes and being there for me always.I have said this before but let me say it again - blogging would have been very lonely without a dear friend like you. Thanks. Sweet corn sweet looks absolutely delicious. I am so honored.
Aval dosa, Koorg chicken, chicken vindaloo, nankthais, - everything looks great. Thanks to Seema & Shilpa for posting such delicious recipes.
Basking in the sunshine....Having lots of fun in the Sunny Florida....Will meet you after few days...Lots of love , Meera

TBC said...

You've been busy, Purnima.:-)
Aval dosa looks very soft and spongy.

DEEPA said...

Awesome post lady!!! Loads to come from you ....i am sure the dosai would have tasted great

Shilpa said...

ooooooh...thanks dear. You are so sweet and one of my most cherished friends. Thanks again. Those nankatayis look great, better than mine. I love the idea of nuts on them. Will try the dosa sometime soon....

Cham said...

The poha dosa looks great :) and the sweet delicious ...

Pooja V said...

Poha dosa rocks !! I am loving everything yo posted here.

Divya Vikram said...

The dosa looks really tempting..the other dishes look wonderful too..

Maya said...

What a wonderful post Purnima !! All lovely dishes made by you, Seema, Shilpa and Meera..Thts so sweet of you..

Vedant said...

Have you tried the Instant Poha from

Archy said...

Loved dis dosa.. I think i can make it rite 2morow.. :) !!
Quik an easy dosa !!