Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tahiri Pulao, Mozarella Cheese Parathas, Puran Poli, Dates Cake! (Phew!!)

That PHEW was for typing out title!! I prepare dishes from other bloggers which truly suit my taste, my pantry and my tiny tots! These were prepared over a weeks time, not at one go!!

Meera of Enjoy Indian Food, dared to make it in Microwave, I couldn't! So my good old stove top did make a nice fare of it!
All at home loved this simple yet flavourful pulao from UP --


Meers thanks so much for sharing this!!

Musical's Kitchen is truly a parantha freak! Just like I have a tendency to turn all food into a dosa she turns all into tasteful paranthas! The above one is from her idea of using cheese, where I used mozarella, sprinkled a little bit of dried coriander leaves, chaat masala, pepper powder a pinch into the cheese, dumped it into a parantha, family loved it! THANKS MK!
Also the tip of boiling a potato in MW is a huge success!! Scrub a potato, clean it completely, dump in MW on high power for 4 mins n voila, we have a lovely boiled potato! Can u beat it???? Thanks a ton dear MK! Hv u ladies tried it out, its swell of a time saver!!
My elder one is allergic to milk n milk product so her parantha had goat cheese and jaatar!

CLICK! The awesome couple on the block- oops! BLOG! :D JB!
Bee posted a beautiful post on making of Puran Poli, didn't need much for me to get going..
This was heavenly to taste when hot and poured on with ghee (yes..its scoop of ghee- no less)
which beautifully melted down the edges and made it much more flavorful!!

Thanks B!

My dear little girl, SHILPA who introduced me through her 'Pacchi's' Global Hit/Contagious recipe, Eggless-Butterfree Dates Cake, which I tried umpteenth times and hit with success, which my family cleans off before it cools!!!!
This time round, it was for 2nd bday of a tiny tot, for whom I used buttercream icing and garnished with M&M's so the overall looks department matched the taste too!
Shilpa , can I ever thank you enough for being around!!!!! HUGS to you!

Lastly two Kuwait-famous Mid-eastern dishes, store brought, though just to share how they look!

1. Haish Kuboos

Haish is the term to define this beautiful blend of spinach and other greens with mix of pulses like kabooli chana, white beans and also whole lentil like whole masoor cooked with split lentil, is bland and flavoured with browned onions, dash of lime and fresh pepper this is one dish which is nutritious and outlandish at taste!!

Kuboos is whole wheat flour flatbreads passed through tandoor, similar to those we call Tandoori Roti..its very tasty when hot!
Kids finish off one on our way back home!! :)

2. Falafel Mushakkel

Falafel here is deep fried in olive oil and tastes good for breakfast or even as a snack its filling! I used to call it Kuwaiti Vada! (as in Mumbai's Vadapav)

Pita bread is split and the center is stuffed with two falafels, some baked/grilled veggies, french fries and few sauces and gets its name as Mushakkel!

This serves as a good meal as its filling!!

Have a Happy Holi and enjoy your holidays!!



Asha said...

Whoa! You are on a roll girl, everything looks wonderful, specially the last 2 dishes, good for you.

Didn't know it's Holi now. Enjoy the Holi with Poli! (Had to say that!;D)

Enjoy Easter too, I am off blogging until May, hugs to you. See you then!:)

Meera said...

What a delicious spread!! You have done some serious cooking. I knew u were planning to make Tahiri in MW. Did MW version not work or u went straight ahead and used stove-top instead? After MW Tahiri, I have been making all my pullaos in MW, will share more later.
Happy Holi!! Planning to make puran poli too. Let's see how it goes!

Purnima said...

Ashakka --> Thks 4 Holi Wishes n wish you and yours the same-Holi is on 21st of March.
The last 2 r storebrought! :D

Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi purnima
You seem to be in a nice holi mood and i simply loved all your dishes. It is just a matter of coming and dining at your place!
Happy holi and easter celebratiopns to you and your family, dear.


Oh it's holi!?
Wow that sure are lots of recipes you have posted !! Every thing is looking nice Purnima!!

bee said...

you've been cooking up a delicious storm!!! glad you liked the polis. musy rules. i love her.

bee said...

could you please post the haish recipe if you have it?

Lavi said... and parathas looks great purnima.

You are Rocking..

ANJALI J. said...

wow!! ur recipes look very good.. esp parathas

musical said...

You are really cooking up a storm, girl! I am so glad that you liked the parantha recipe. And isn't that date Cake from Shilpa's blog AMAZING! Enjoy the holi :).

I love falafel sandwich, especially with some turnip pickles and fried cauliflower florets :-D.

TBC said...

I love cooking from other blogs too.:-)
You've been busy!

Maya said...

Purnima..Great going!! Everything looks just wonderful, specially loved the stack of polis..Mouth- watering now :)..

Purnima said...

Meera --> Its called 'Ducking out' last moment as I didn't want to mess up with the entire quantity! :( but surely wd try MW-way soon...:D
Tks for sharing this lovely dish!
Tks n all the best and wish u a HH.

Soni --> Thankyou,pls b my guest, HH!

RK --> Tks dear!

Bee --> Tku so much for poli, simply enjoyed every bite of it! I don't have this recipe currently, but surely would try to find out.
Tks for your comment,HH!

Lavi --> Tku, HH!

Anjali --> Try out those..they rock!

MK -->Tks for sharing such yummy ideas in form of Paranthas n tips too! I have tried boiled eggs in MW under 2 mins..they turn out great! Shall post them when I take pics!

TBC --> HH!! Thankyou so much!!

Maya --> Divit n u both wd enjoy the poli! Its yum! Tom is holi - HH to you n near ones!

Sia said...

PHEWWWWW... indeed :)

Seema said...

What a spread... Loved all dishes! Falafel is my Fav too.. we get it here & its truely yum & delicious & filling too :-) Just came from another blog which ha Shilpas Date cake & here u tried out too, next is me i guess :-)

Pravs said...

wow purnima ! what a spread! I think i have tried kuboos and falafel.
So you loved the okra curry so much to be innovative and try with sprouts , huh ? Happy to know you and your family loved it :)
Have a great weekend purnima. Happy holi.

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

WOW...what a busy kitchen this is Purnima! You've been cooking a storm!! Good for you...& HAPPY HOLIDAYS MY DEAR!! Lol

Dhivya said...

wow!wonderful looks yummm,,love those poli

Sagari said...

Love your cheese parathas a lot

Bharathy said...

Purnima..first time here..And you have a lovley place :)..
..and what a fantastic spread you have here!!!(if it was I wuld have broken up and blogged to at least 10 dif posts ;)..)
All the dishes are gorgeous!

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

OMG!!! You actually tried so many recipes??!?! And even had the patience to stop and take pictures... Thats a wonderful job, gr8 going!

Divya Vikram said...

u have a really nic blog..great that u tried so many recipes

Mamta said...

hey purnima,
u have a wonderful blog.all yummy delicacies out there.lot to learn from you.

Nags said...

That was such a lovely comment on my blog :) Thanks Purnima.

Btw, this is one lovely spread!! the puran poli is on my make-list too :)

AnuSriram said...

Gr8 spread... All dishes looks delicious...

ServesYouRight said...

Happy Holi! Love how you've introduced us to Middle Eastern dishes. The puran poli look DELISH!


Laavanya said...

You've picked such delicious recipes... they all look awesome. Bee's polis are on my list too.

niya said...

Thanks Purnima


shriya said...

Thats a lot of dishes you've tried. Nice work. I love that tahiri puloa. Bookmarked it.

Purnima said...

Dear Ladies,
Have been bloghoppin n trying recipes from other blogs of lately, forgot to chk my own blog for comments..clumsy but sorry about it!
Thnks for dropping a line in here, truly appreciate all of it!

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