Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY 2009!


(Eggless Chocolate Cake,  Ganache filling, Whipped cream with Alphonso Puree Icing)

(Brownies with Vanilla Scoop) frm here


Some Cakes n Sweets to welcome the New Year!

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Microwaved Besan Laddoos - Frm 


(PS : Does anyone have problem with blogger during loading pics or placing them near right text or deleting them?I seem to be having difficulty since past few months. Any solutions, kindly do comment, would be of great help!)


Usha said...

Everything looks yum. Happy New Year !


Thats really welcoming purnima,looking forward for more recipes this year!

I can view the pics without any prob...

Namratha said...

Alphonso Puree icing, now that sounds very yummmy! :) A Very Happy New Year to you too Purnima.

Sanghi said...

Wishing you too a very happy new year! The cake decoration looks so good!

Divya Kudua said...

Happy new year dearest Purnimakka...;-).Great to see you back in action in 2009...;-).Where are the recipes..the brownie looks delectable and so does the cake and the laddoo...;-)

Raaga said...

happy new year!

Meera said...

Alphonso frosting on cake is yummiest!!!Lovely pictures. Happy New year, once again.

So far, didn't have trouble with pictures.

Purnima said...

Usha --> Tks! Wish u the same!

Rajeshwari --> Hope to post more..

Namratha --> Wow..thats frm you, how humble! Wish u the same too!

Sanghi --> Tks! Happy 2009!

Divu --> In action yes...but not as robust posts as urs, 30/30! I will include the links if blogger acts ok..:D (Chocolate cake same one frm Hetal/Anuja as in Doll cake.)

Raaga --> Thankyou, wish you too a fantastic 2009!

Meera --> Tks, thought u wd like it! Wish u a lovely 2009 during drafting that I m facing the trouble.:)

Archy said...

Hey, so many sweets.. yummy !!
Hey, Have a blasting New year with new recipes !!

Anonymous said... started the New Year with plenty of sweet things :) Everything looks delicious!

Maya said...

Happy New Year to and family Purnima..Alfonso icing is a really cool thing, very different and yummy..

Dibs said...

everything is really tempting! the mango icing is a hit!

blogger acts weird sometimes. Every time a pic is uploaded, I get a whole lot of gaps between my text and pics, and then have to drag everything to place, and delete all the white spaces. Its takes time, but not a major problem. I had images get that get 'stuck' a couple of times..I guess thats what you mean by 'not getting deleted'. I save drafts multiple times, and if an image gets stuck, I just close the window, and start afresh from what I saved last!

Purnima said...

Archy --> Thankyou!

Homecooked --> Glad that you liked it!

Maya --> Ek aplhonso premi hi jaane uska swaad ;) :D Yes it indeed was!

Dibs --> Tks!
True, I have faced those issues all thru..but past two months, its becoming difficult to upload a pic, even to drag/use copy paste command on that pic, thereafter, more difficult to delete it..even the font size changes automatically! Thats truly wierd for me!:D Tks for ur inputs!

notyet100 said...

hi purnima,..awesome sweets try using google doc..i write my post there nd directly publish frm there,..its user frendly too,..wish u nd ur family hppy new yr,..:-) ceeu soon,..

Uj said...

Happy new year... great array of dishes :) I do not have problem with blogger works fine so far!

Swapna said...

Mango Puree icing looks very yummy!!!