Friday, January 2, 2009

Ambyacha Sheera (Mango Sheera)

Sheera ...yum...something which being raised in Mumbai or Maharashtra can not overlook. 'Prasad' in many temples here seems incomplete without this delectable semolina dish, and versatile that it is can be made plain or with dry fruits or  uses up many fruits in combination like A Ripe Banana (For Prasad), Pineapple, Apple or Mango King-Alphonso too..the latter 3 being used for pure pleasure of having dessert! 

When I read at Anupama's Food-N-More blog, here, I was just smitten by the beauty of it depicted by her lens, her mould making it more scrumptious than ever, the directions so clear and was soon into the kitchen to fulfil that craving. This is the umpteenth time thereafter that I have made this using up mango pulp. (Previously had used the fresh pulp of Alphonso!)
Coming to this recipe, I have not used cup, but katori/vaati  as measure.

Ingredients :
1 vaati fine rava/semolina
2 vaati alphonso mango pulp (In this I used the thawed pulp of alphonso)
2 vaati milk (whole milk heated upto boiling temperature)
1 1/2 vaati fine sugar
1/4 vaati tup/ghee
2 tsp elaichi pud/ cardamom pwdr
1 big pinch / half tsp saffron (which I mixed in the hot milk)
Few sliced almonds for garnishing (optional) 

Method :
In a wide bottom kadhai,  melt ghee, add rava to it, roast on low flame constantly stirring till the rava changes color evenly and a beautiful aroma emanates. Alongside, heat the milk on low, once it boils put off the flame.  Once the rava is roasted, milk boiled, start pouring milk in the rava mixture while still stirring in circular motion so that the entire milk blends well with rava, see that no lumps are formed, also remember to take a tall spatula for safety of hands. Cover with lid and let it cook in its steam for around 5 minutes. Uncover and add sugar. Mix well. The sugar will dissolve, cover and let it cook for another few seconds. Put off the flame, add the mango pulp, cardamom powder in quick succession and combine well. Allow to cool. 
In my side of family,  a ghee-greased thaali is taken , the semi-cooled SHEERA is patted on the plate, with aid of flat spatula which again is greased with a bit of ghee so that sheera doesn't stick to it and scored with knife into diamond shape. It is served in this shape when its completely cooled. :D 





RP said...

Anything with mangoes makes me drool. I have never tasted Mango sheera but I am sure I will love it. :)

Maya said...

Wow, yet another Mango sheera in 2 days..This looks simply divine Purnima..Cheers to you and Meera :)

Meera said...

That's so sweet of you, sweetheart!! I just don't know what to say. You always shower me with such pleasant surprises. Thank you from the bottom of my heart...

notyet100 said...

omg i am droolin lookin at the pic,..nice one,..:-)how u dng???

Anonymous said...

The sheera looks so yummy! Looks mouthwatering!

Divya Kudua said...

Hmm..yummy sheera akka..looks so pretty and am sure delicious as well..bookmarked;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Purnima:
This is a beautiful recipe and what a delicious sheera!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment - this lead me to your beautiful blog.

Since so many new sheera recipes have crept we should link them all together. I am going to create a link in my post to your sheera. Awesome!

Swapna said...

never made this one and that too with mango.....looks so yummy!!!