Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Quickie Breakfast, 3 min Garlic Bread MW Grill, MW Pedha

While thinking of a quick to assemble breakfast, this is the one that races mind. This recipe is from a friend of mine, Kavita. She had told us to try it few years ago, eversince its become a part of our breakfast when we need to come up with something very fast and less time consuming, yet filling. THANKYOU KAVI.

Ingredients :
Knorr Mayo-Chilli (Mayonnaise) (Its contains EGG )
Fresh Lettuce
Bread Slices of your choice (Multigrain, Brown, Normal Toast, Milk Bread etc)

Method :
Trim off the brown edges, spread mayo on each slice, sandwich the cut lettuce leaves in between.

(You can add regular veg/non-veg sandwich ingredients too --eg sliced tomatoes, onions, cucumber, boiled eggs/potatoes sliced etc.... all variations can be incorporated as per your taste!)

The second quickie appetiser/breakfast is THE famous GARLIC BREAD. No its not baked bread with garlic, its a French loaf bought from the store, cut diagnolly, then processed. Here goes the recipe from a friend again, Lalitha, who inspired the enthusiasm in cooking beyond what was already known! Thanks Lali.

The GRILL function of MW is used in the making of this dish.

Ingredients :
1 medium french loaf/ baguette
100 gms/1 stick salted butter (Amul) at room temperature
1/4 tsp freshly ground pepper
2 cloves crushed garlic(big)
1 tbspn parsely / coriander (finely chopped)
Mozerrella Cheese grated

Method :
Slice the loaf diagnolly, two inches each slice. In a bowl, take the softened (not melted) butter, mix pepper powder, crushed garlic and coriander leaves uniformly. Spread this mixture on both sides of the slice. Arrange it on the grill stand and sprinkle the grated moz. cheese as per your need. (If using salted butter, no need to add salt, if not..please check on salt)
Place the grill stand in MW carefully. Set the grill function and timer to 1 minute. Again set the time to 1 min. Lastly 20-30 secs, keep a close eye on the slices, the moz shd just melt and turn golden on top. DoNOT remove immediately, give some standing time, as the grill is hot and working. Take the grill out carefully after a minute, serve hot with sauce.
Once the time is set, for second round, remember to REDUCE the time, in my case, 2 minutes as the grill is very hot. The subsequent rounds are done faster.
We like to have this home made one as BREAKFAST over appetiser. :D

ENJOY with a dollop of sauce and do not forget to have hot tea/coffee alongside!

Thirdly, this yummy MW pedha, which my friend Kavita had first told me about around 2 1/2 years back. Since we made it several times, we got fed its about after 2 years I have made these getting inspired by Usha@VegInspirations - HERE. We had prepared it in the same manner with those two basic ingredients. One has to remember only one point here, DONOT eat it fresh, it tends to be chewy/sticky, keep it refrigerated for upto 2 days(if the room temperature is below 25C, ie. its winter, then keep them in foil/clingwrap/ziplock outside) and then it would taste like shop wala pedha! :D I have used cookie mould to shape them in this picture. Got around 16 pieces.

Ingredients :
200 gms sweetened condensed milk
3/4th Cup fortified milk powder
1 pinch saffron
2 tsp cardamom powder

Method :
In a MW safe bowl (8" diameter, deep by 3 " - the mixture bubbles up and rises double its height), combine the condensed milk n milk powder along with saffron and elaichi powder. On HIGH power, set timer to 1 MIN, give a minute of standing time, mix, keep it back, again set for 1 min...check closely for bubbling . Set timer again to 20 seconds -30 secs, depending on your mw. It should not brown / burn.
Give standing time of 10 mins before taking it out. Cool or semi-cooled, you can easily shape it, further refrigerate/keep wrapped in foil or wrap or ziplock bag for two days, once completely cooled.
USHAS TIP : USE DOODH MASALA...terrific idea.

MEERA's MW Pedha a lovely different version, yet to try HERE.

ENJOY the yummy flavour after 2 days. It won't be sticky or chewy.


Happy cook said...

Wow gthose peda looks yummy and easy bread too

Meera said...

bookmarked!! I think this post will come handy when I am running late!! Your microwave pedha looks out of this world. Loved Usha's tip about keeping it in the refrigerator. Thank you, Thanks Kavita & Thanks Usha for some good MW cusine.

Divya Kudua said...

Hmm..lovely garlic bread..I follow a similar method..too good,just like pizza hut ones isnt it?pedhas look so to try!!mayo-chilli is not available here i guess,have to make do with normal mayo..;-)..great to see you blogging frequently..;-)

Asha said...

You can catch up with 3-4 events with these for sure!! Pedha looks wonderful, I used to love Dharawad pedhas! :)

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow simple yet delightful recipes.... Quick and fst perfect for someone like me...

Usha said...

All of these look fantastic, your pedha has turned out so well, looks amazing. I love how you have given it these pretty shapes. Not sure why you had to refrigerate, mine were okay as it is when done, I think you have used a little lesser milk powder than I did and probably the reason why yours needed some refrigeration...anyway I am glad you tried and liked it :-)

AnuSriram said...

Bread looks crunchy and inviting! Pedas looks perfect.

Purnima said...

HC --> Yes, stock mayo along wt usual spreads like cheese/butter/jam, a lovely variation. Using fat free moz will allow dieter's to have garlic bread easily..though no idea if butter flavor veg. ghee wd yield same results. :D

Meera --> Wow..surely..remember to keep lettuce handy though.Its a rush hr brkfast. Hey my mould shd take the credit for looks, tastewise it was not too sweet, just right for us!Usha's tip is adding doodh masala..and reg. refrigeration, if the room temp is upto 25 deg C , wrapping in cling wrap or foil for 2 days works fine.

Divu --> Tks for ur kind words, hey use chilli flakes in normal mayo, that will give u chilli-mayo? I too hope to blog frequently. :)

Asha --> Oh I too love the Dharwad, Kundapur n Original Doodh pedhas, can't wait for occasions to gobble them! :D

KF --> Tks!

Usha --> U r right, since its a variation a slight difference in measures, hence the end result has to b consumed differently! :D Foil / cling wrapping n storing at Room temp helps too.

AnuSriram --> Thankyou!

anudivya said...

Haa! Now I know why mine was sticky! I thought it was because I made mine with fat free condensed milk... so 2 days would do the trick???
Nice! How did you shape them? They are very pretty.

Deepa Hari said...

thats a easy quick fix breakfast....Pedas look great.

Maya said...

From a single post of urs, I make a complete meal frm start to dessert..Great one Purnima..I don't like Mayo, but the garlic bread and pedhas I would die for ;)..They are looking so tempting..I have to try them soon..

Swapna said...

wow nice to see you back in to frequent blogging and that too with so many spreads!!!I love pedha and yours looks so pretty...difinitely going to try this ....thanks for the recipe Purnima!!!

Purnima said...

Anudivya --> Do take it out within the said time, more cooking too tends to make it chewy/sticky. Mould shaped them to beauty! :D

Deepa --> Thankyou!

Maya --> Try butter in mayo's place, use a pinch of chili flakes each slice, u will surely love the cruch provided by lettuce,mild mingle of flavors lent by spice n butter! :)

Swapna --> Yeah, trying to keep up frequency..hope I can! :) Do try it, thanks for all your comments at every post! Appreciate it greatly!

Nithya Praveen said...

Wow....I break my head thinking what to make for breakfast during weekends....found a perfect recipe here.Thanks!

Navita said...

pedas n their designs....ufff...lovely.

ur blog is a haven of delish recipes....glad i stumbled upon it.

couldn't be happier to say "hi".

Navita said...

approx 375 deg F....didn't mention the temp as it differs from oven to oven ...its better to keep a check after 30 mins.:)

Anupama said...

Gosh Purnima those pedhas not only look sinfully delicious but they also 100 times better than the ones we buy in shops. I am definitely going to try this recipe out. As it is in UK we always crave for these kind of sweets.

To answer your query on my blog. That jelly is in a concentrate form . That's the block I buy in the stores. It has to be then dissolved in water and poured into a mould. So you see I have not moulded it. It's the way it's avaialble here.


I too recently tried this microwave milk pedha,but I dont know, it dint clicked to me,will sure try again ur method!
MW grill garlic bread looks so cool!

health insurance said...

Nice Presentation!!!

ranji said...

YUMMMMMM..easy breakfast the cheesy bread and the pedhas looks so pretty and tempting...nice one:)

मोहन वशिष्‍ठ said...

very nice

Meera said...

I tried that lettuce sandwich. It was great. so I made several times!! Second time, I used hummus instead of mayo and a drop of thecha!!:-D The crunchy lettuce tasted delicious with this combo too. and next time, I toasted the bread slices and then followed the directions. Loved this 'just lettuce" sandwich a lot. & now my lettuce has found a better job rather than just wilting in my fridge!!

Purnima said...

Nithya --> I m not the only person going bonkers then, o'er whats to b made for brkfast then! LOL...hope u try it!

Navita --> Uffff..kitna pyaara compliment! Thks for mentioning the temp dear..wd try ur french pastry soon!

Anupama --> Thanks, that compliment compliment coming frm you, WOW!
I loved ur CLICK! Thks for dropping a line on the making of it! Still its a droolofying n lovely transparent squares!

Rajeswari --> Sure ...tks for ur comment!

Health Insurance --> Thankyou!

Ranji --> Thats exactly how I exclaim at ur cuisine! :D

मोहन वशिष्‍ठji --> Dhanyawad.

Meera --> Ah! Ya..the crunch of lettuce n mayo's such a wonderful combo..tks for adding the variations..will try that as well! unique ya...pls blog abt it naa..I mean a link also wd do great for easy brkfast makers like me! :D THANKYOU SO MUCH!

Rathna said...

Wow Purnima, long time...sorry cdn't visit your blog all these days...Peda looks yum...garlic bread looks yummy too, but , i'm not a fan of mayo :-(...will definetly try pedas :-)

notyet100 said...

yummy post, dthe pedhas u can send them for sunshine mom yellow event,..nd grilled toast r my fav,..specially wid hot tea,..wht bout google docs,..u tried using??

Poonam said...

really yummy pedas...and my fav sweet is peda shall give this a try

Aishu said...


vidhas said...

Lovely recipe. I have not tried garlic bread in home, your looks awesome. Surely going to try and let you know. Nice blog with freat recipes.

Thanks for dropping by and for your lovely comments, we will keep in touch.

Ashwini Kenchanna said...

Hi, My first time here..Love the shape of the dhood peda..Bread looks yumm..

Dershana said...

Wow! The peda looks fantastic!

Vibaas said...

Pedas look delicious. Quickfix breakfast idea is good too :)

notyet100 said...

hii...dropped in to ceee ur new post,..but didnt find any, soon, cre,...:-)

Purnima said...

Rathna --> Thanks!

Priyanka --> Cdn't send for events, hv yet to explore the usage of go.dox.

AISHU --> THANKYOU, Sweetheart- me to u too! Kavi, truly missing u..did u like ur suggested two dishes on post..they are regular..n getting nostalgic on those pedas we enjoyed so much!

Vidhas --> Surely give a try, wd wait to know hw u liked those! :D

Ashwini --> There is alws a first time they say..:D Keep coming here, thks for ur lovely words!

Vibaas --> Thanks dear!

Priyanka --> Tks for nudging! :D