Tuesday, May 13, 2008

*Top 10* MeMe

Yet again have been tagged by Meera-EIF for a picture MeMe - all i need is pick up 10 pics from my own blog and post it here, simple! It took me so long to just put up this post..SORRY Meera!
Here goes : -

1. Spidey Cake (Web Pattern-First Time Decorated for Son's 2nd Bday)

2. Black Forest Cake : (My First Attempt at Whipped Cream)

3. Deebas Swiss Roll with Mango Ice-Cream

4. Eggless Dates Cake - Shilpa

5. Vanilla Choco-chip Muffins

6. Choco-chip Cookies (My First Cookies)

7. Brown Rice-Barley Dosa (A weekly regular at home from Dalitoy blog, Manjula)

8. Shilpa's - Pesarattu: Another weekly at my place - Moong Daal and Rice Dosa

9. Ramya's Uppu Huli Dose : Spicy Sour Pann-Polo

10. Gajar Halwa

Meera I too had good time with TOP 10 MeMe!
Please take it up my dear friends as tagging is no compulsion!! I would be glad to see you gals doing this post!

Deeba has tagged me for this - " YOU MAKE MY DAY" award! Thanks Deeba for considering me for this cute little one, loved the words which mean a lotttttttttttt!

I surely wish to pass it on to those who make my DAY!

1. Shilpa# Aayis Recipes

2. Meera # Enjoy Indian Food

3. Maya # Konkan World

4. Asha # FoodiesHope/Aroma

I wish to pass it on to the lovely foodie bloggers who beautifully blog about food in diverse ways! Thanks dear all, your posts mean a lot to me!!!

Thanks again, Deeba!!!



Kalai said...

Congrats on the award and lovely pics in your meme! They look really yummy! :)

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

That was a excellent spread of recipes... Looks great...

Meera said...

Thanks for participating in the MeMe. All the pictures look droolworthy! Thanks for passing on a very nice award. Now you really made my day!;-)

Divya Vikram said...

lovely pictures..love all of them especially the cakes

TBC said...

7 dessert/sweets and 3 dosas. :-D

Love the look of that Pann Polo!

Maya said...

Purnima, all 10 posts are excellent!! Wow, I don't knw when I'm goin to cook all tht, everything looks amazing. Congrats on ur well deserved award!! You surely make my day too, by your comments and friendship and bubbly, cheerful self!! Way to go girl, and thanx for passing it on me, truly humbled :)

Purnima said...

Kalai --> Thanks!

Sukanya --> Thks for ur encouraging words!

Meera --> Tks for being so cool despite the delay! U MAKE MY DAY ..so it has to come to you!

DV --> Well join me in cake fan club!

TBC --> Ah well after posting I thought someone wd notice that ;)
Well I am not too good with capturing curries n sabzis!:( hence the good photos n tastes I prefer had to reflect here!

Maya --> Glad u liked T10!Well you are deserving person! My pleasure to hv passed that you!

Asha said...

I am catching up today!:D

My droolomatic is on looking at all these dosas, yum, got to try some.Thanks for the award, proud to receive and enjoy your's too. Hugs!:))

Purnima said...

Asha --> we just crossed blogs! I was at yours to make that delicous *something* which I am in the process of making, wd post tomorrow for sure!
Thanks for your wonderful remark! Honored to have UR's!

Shilpa said...

Hmm thats such a sweet list Purnima. You make my day too with such lovely comments on my blog. Thanks a lot.

Purnima said...

Shilpa --> My..thats modest of you to call my *comment**??? (those are big paras u might secretly hv wished wd vanish! teehee) sweet! I take that sweet! Thanks Shilpa,for being there! Adore u n what u do to AR!!

Sagari said...

beautifulll pics purnima

Pravs said...

congrats on the award ! very nice pics of the dishes. i am all for the swiss roll with mango ice cream ! looks so well done.

onlooker said...

wow! that was a treat! just to look at them. Lucky family of yours. im more of a laidback cook, though experiementing rarely, and definitely not along this range! :) love baking though. shall look into those recipes. great pics too!