Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day - Amma's Rulao-aa Bhakri (Semolina Pancake)

My 3 & 1/2 year old reflecting her love through Finger painting a Lotus at school!

Thanks Darling.. you are the most precious one for me!

Coming to the day, its being celebrated as Mother's Day all over, though in every day and every little way we do show our mother how much they mean to us, how dependant we still are on them, here's an informal HAPPY MOTHER's DAY to wish my lovely mother 'Amma' as I address her, my eldest aunt - mummy's sis with whom I spent an entire childhood and who made me the person I am today, 'Amma' again and to wish my Enthusiast MIL, whom again I address as 'Amma' too ! ALL MY LOVING AMMAS HAPPY MOTHER's DAY TO U!

The blogging world has given me a lot, I wish to dedicate this POST to Shilpa, who has a website as a tribute to her mother, AAYIS RECIPES,
Lovingly major of her posts coming the way her mother cooks, and how she exhibits her love for her through each of her posts! Truly Shilpa, I owe a note of thanks to you majorly as many of your recipes being a keeper, bring my children more close to me!! THANKS!!

Thanks to all the food bloggers whom I regularly read, for making me good-cook, adding 'Healthy' varieties to our brkfast-lunch-snack-dinner table! Making me good mom too!!

First I bring myself to post the best dosa that my Amma makes amidst others - this one is a simple yet filling and tasty one! 'Rulao -aa Bhakri' aka Rava Pancake.

Ingredients :
1 cup rava (fine semolina/ bombay rava)
1/2 cup (soi) fresh scraped coconut / dessicated coconut
1 tsp sugar or jaggery
2-3 green chillies crushed
1/2 inch ginger crushed
1/4th cup fresh coriander leaves chopped
Salt to taste
Water for batter
Oil (Ghee for richer taste)
Unsalted Butter / homemade loni

Method :
Mix the coconut with rava in a wide vessel. Mix in salt and sugar. Add water to make thick batter mix well. The batter should look like porridge. Mix in the crushed ginger and chilies.
Add chopped coriander if desired. (In the above picture I didn't) Leave for 10 minutes.
Heat the dosa pan, add a few drops of ghee, rub all over the surface of pan, add a ladle full of the batter, spread in circular motion inside out cover and cook over medium flame for around half a minute, uncover, drizzle few drops of ghee and flip the side cook for another minute, remove to a plate, add a small cube of loni or butter.
Note : To make this fat free, use little oil and skip ghee, butter. But the *REAALLLL* goodness of this is brought out only with ghee and butter!! :D

Relish this 'HOT - OUT OF PAN' Amma-licious dosa!

AMMA - As awkward as I may feel to say, as u may right now as you read this, but I mean every word of it *I LUV U* !! Thank you for being your own self!!



indosungod said...

Happy Mother's Day Purnima. Lovely card from your little one. Rava pancake sounds delicious and for a quick breakfast comes in handy.

Divya said...

Hey purnima,

I just looooove rulava bhakri made by mil,I just lose count over how many I eat whn she gets it for me off from the tava.Love it.But was never able to recreate that magical taste ever.Going to try out your recipe now.
Happy mother's day to you.So nice that your kid wished you in such a sweet manner.

Uma said...

Happy mother's day to you too! The pancake looks delish!

Maya said...

How cute is tht card by your little one, doesn't it just melt you?? What a lovely post Purnima. Bhakri looks great, we make it too..Its indeed filling and yummy isn't it..Wishing you and your Amma a very happy Mother's day..Mom's are the best..Enjoy ur day :)..

Sagari said...

delecious pancakes purnima

Shilpa said...

Ohh you are sooo sweet to do this Purnima. I have no words to say Thanks. I am touched.

Divya Vikram said...

Happy mothers day to u..cute pic..

Purnima said...

ISG --> Thanks, well this variety is thicker than normal dosas, hence its called a bhakari. Try n do fb me. Tks for my daughter.

Divu --> True abt the countless RB's one can devour! Do try this.. my daughter, I treasure her childhood!

Uma --> Thank you very much!!

Maya --> I had mixed emotions on first glancing this card..which was promptly followed by 'Happy Mother's Day Amma-teacher told me to say, u know how i painted it...' chatter! Hw i loved hearing that!

Sagari --> Thanks!

Shilpa --> I hv a mom, I am a mom, but what U have been doing daily for your mom has me speechless!!

DV --> Thanks, I like that profile pic, looks like u r turning frm ur kitchen work and smilingly commenting frm there!! :)

Swapna said...

Hey son too gave me the same card!!!! What is your daughters name? My son is in LKG -B...may be both of them are in same class!!!!

Purnima said...

Swapna --> U are here after a looong long time..yes, same school! U shd post ur son's prints on ur blog! My daughter was so happy to see her painting on 'Computon' (earlier it used to b compu-atten hee) She was all smiles..ear to ear!!

Swati Raman Garg said...

so nice... it was such a sweet gesture... this was one of the best n simple posts i have read

Purnima said...

Swati --> Thanks for your lovely comment!!

Manisha said...

Lovely card, Purnima! I am sure you were overwhelmed! Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!