Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two "I's" - Breakfast , A Meal and Subzi - A Sheet Cake Too!! :D

Two I's- Hmm.. here they go, one for Ishtu one for Idiyappam!

This is again a filling brunch, Kerala-special, Konkani-special has a variation-Shevai, would not digress and post the Konkani version someday.
Idiyappam is the name of rice noodles steamed on a Idli mould and served with either Ishtu, a nice accompaniment or with 'Sweet Coconut Milk' for kids and makes for a filling breakfast.
Idiyappam/Nool Puttu
Ingredients :
1 cup Rice flour
1 cup water
Salt to taste

Method :
Boil water and keep aside. In a wide bowl combine the salt with rice flour. Make a well in the flour, add little warm water at a time knead with spoon or fingers into a smooth dough.
Keep a chakli press, the small plate with tiny -perforations and the idli mould greased with 'coconut oil' .

Divide the dough in two parts. Push the plate with perforations facing ungreased side at bottom, dump the dough in it, close the press. Pipe the dough sometimes baking interferes! :D Press the dough in circular motion on each of the greased dent, steam for 10 minutes.

(My way - Pressure cooker steaming - Add two cups of water, put on high flame, place the idli stand in, cover the lid minus whistle/weight, watch the steady steam come out, lower the flame, watch time, 10 mins, after which put off the flame- allow a minute, then open the lid, carefully without touching or getting touched by cooker, take the hot nool puttus / idiyappams out- same way for idlis too.)

Now place these in a serving plate, add dessicated or fresh coconut over each, little sugar if you prefer sweet.

Serve it with Ishtu or Sweet Coconut Milk!

Sweet Coconut Milk

Half cup thick coconut milk mix with 2-3 tbspn chopped jaggery/ sugar, flavoured with a pinch of cardamom powder. Pour over idiyappams and enjoy!

Potato Ishtu

This is the simplest yet flavorsome curry. Stewed veggies and no oil! Mine is a only 'Potato' version-

Ingredients :

5 medium sized potatoes skinned -cubed
1 medium onion -sliced
1 inch ginger - julienned
2-3 green chilies-slitted
2 sprig fresh curry leaves
1 cup thin coconut milk* 1 cup thick coconut milk

(* I have used ready powder- Maggi Coconut Powder, directions 4 thick n thin milk behind the pack- Use fresh coconut milk if you can easily extract it for richest flavor))

Method :
Place a kadhai on low flame, pour the thin milk, add in succession- onions, green chilies, ginger, potato cubes, mix well, cover and cook for 10-15 minutes, stirring it in between. Once the potatoes are cooked, (shd hold shape -not go mushy) add salt, curry leaves. Add the thick or first milk of coconut, mix well and remove from heat source to prevent curdling.

Serve hot with Idiyappams!!

** I have no authority over authenticity of dishes, I cook and post what suits my family and pantry.

The above I watched my Mil's Mother make. My hubby and kids enjoyed it, so did I, when would *U*? :D

There are few more dishes -

Gatte Ki Subzi - Vee's Past,Present N Me- Veg Dish!
Channe ke aatey ka gatta, flavoured with curried curds!
Vee thanks for this simple tasty subzi, loved your directions to make it!

Sunita's Oilfree Chicken Curry was a hit with rice and chapatis, kids too liked it. Thanks Sunita!

Divya's - Soi Bhajjil Masolu in Chanya Gashi

Divya- tks for the 'masolu' n this recipe, made with kabooli channa- enjoyed the flavour! Made our Meal!!

This is my Whanni's (SIL's) fave - For u, dear!!

And wrap it up with this yummy TEXAN SHEET CAKE from Asha!

Asha said in her post, add some color, when I checked with my daughter, *PINK* she said!

This is the first time I made a cake, which called for cooking up the butter and water then mixing the ingredients - Interesting Isn't it?

The sponge is something to DIE FOR!!

Its moist and melt-in-the-mouth types !!

Can be had on its own!

Here a glance at the steps --

Baked @170C for 30 mins and inverted on another tray.

Iced Pinkyyyy with chopped almonds,cashews and pista in it!

(Kids do not like Walnuts hence substituted them with the nuts)

The cake cut to pieces half an hour past icing....




david santos said...

Hello, Purnima!
Excellent post.
Good luck

Kalai said...

I love idiyappam!! Looks great and a wonderful group of dishes that you've tried from other blogs! :)

ranji said...

i love sevai..i used to make them so often for dinner or brkfast...lately i havent been able to because the gadget is very tough to handle....not able to rotate it stopped:(...i am sooo tempted to make seeing urs:)

Trupti said...

both dishes & cake looks delicious Purnima

Vanamala said...

This is fantastic...lovely pink pink cake....

sunita said...

Purnima, glad to know that your family relished the chicken curry...and yes, I would love to have that white...err.. pink sheet cake ;-)

Meera said...

Shevya/idiyappam & Ishtew sounds my kind of combo. As a kid, I never ate shevya & rosu. I am not too much into rosu, it's too sweet for me. I happily ate shevya with some ghasshi or ambat!;-) I even used to like plain shevya with just few drops of coconut oil. Heaven!!
Thanks for sharing a wonderful post. I am going to try stew sometime soon. Shevya? - I think I will wait for mom to come here!;-)

Uma said...

A mouth-watering array of dishes. Lovely!

bee said...

asha is a very bad influence. beautiful dishes. and that pink will wake me from my slumber. :D

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi Purnima..
That was a nice post. The sheet cake looks so cool. Love the Idiyappam, turned out perfect for u.

Divya Vikram said...

love the pink glaze over the the idiappams too..I havent tried these yet..thanks for sharing

Maya said...

WOW !! I would like to visit you one of these days..From bfast to meals to desserts, you are cooking up delicacies!! Have been thinking of making Shevai, looking at your post makes me want it rite away and am eyeing that cake which looks super moist & cool..

Asha said...

Woohoo! What a great treat here today!:)
Noolputtu and Eshtu sounds good. Oil free chicken was good. isn't it? I replaced the garlic to ginger, everything else was the same, good recipe. PINK sheet cake! I love it!:D

Seema said...

Iddiyapam looks yum, but i like our Shevai better - am i being mean, no not really - Konkanis love Shevai dont they!! All other preps look yum.. liked the pink Sheet cake!! Girls always love pink :-)

Nanditha Prabhu said...

idiyappam and stew are my fav too:)
though i am yet to get hold of the idiyappam maker here is US:(

Purnima said...

David --> Thankyou.

Kalai --> Thanks dear! True, thats what makes up for my meals, dishes frm you lovely bloggers!

Ranji --> If you add two drops of coconut oil to the 'rotate' type of press, it will be a bit easier! Shevai comes good on 'Dantey' :D

Trupti --> Thanks!!

Vanmala --> Kids loved it, we loved the sponge a lot!!

Sunita --> The chicken was great! Thks for sharing your way!

Meera --> Thanks! Hot shevai wt coconut oil, my moms way of having them! Great to know your mom will be visiting you!!

Uma --> Thanks!!

Bee --> Thank you.

Sukanya --> Few years put in, to perfect it! :D

DV --> Thks, glad u liked it!

Maya --> Please be my guest! Wd love to serve with pleasure! Well the sponge is big hit, icing was little more sweet to me n hub,though kids loved n lapped it up!

Asha --> Well to tell you honestly, you have so many dishes,honestly I get confused what to make 'first'! Well u wont believe I prepared for orange mw struesel cake,n ended up baking this Texan cake frm u!! ;D Well hv taken off Feedjit widget!

Seema --> Haaaa! Enjoy shevai!True 4 pink!

Nanditha --> Mine I got frm India, hope u find the press! TC!

Swapna said...

wow!!! excellent make so many dishes!!! all the dishes looks very tastey!!!

indosungod said...

We call it sandhavai but cook the rice dough before pressing into strings. Delicious with the ishtu.

Sig said...

Idiyappam and stew, lovely, one of my favorite breakfast combos... Looks great Purnima!

Purnima said...

Swapna --> Thankyou!! :D

ISG --> Tks for sharing the name! New name to me, Konkani version of 'Shevai' involves the cooking part! Isn't this a time saver?!

Sig --> Glad to know you love this combo! Hope u r free of stress now, awaiting your 'Zoomba' post! :D

bhags said...

idiyappam looks yummy, dont know when wud i be able to make some

Siri said...

Idiyappam looks yumm Purnima and love the array of dishes u made..Food Blogging rocks.. Isn't it..:D btw, don't memorise that name ( the appetizer which I made today).. I did try but failed hehehe..:D


Sagari said...

idiyappam looks greattt purnima

Purnima said...

Bhags --> Surely u wd b able to make these, hope u get the press soon!

Siri --> Loved ur marathon, well u were right..its out of sight, though the picture is there, but the name has surely jumped out..3 cheers for FB!!

Sagari --> Thankyou!!

notyet100 said...

first timeon your blog,..nice place ,.hve go tsomething for you..back in my blog,..:-)

Laavanya said...

Yummy dishes there.. the idiyappam rocks.

Divya said...

Hi Purnima'di,I feel very happy to see my name propped up in your tried something I made..??Wow,feels great.Hope you liked the soi bhajil masol,as well as the ghashi you made!!

kavita Naik/Parsekar said...

Hi Poornima, It's been quiet a long time, u have not posted anything new,I hope u r doing fine, had some few queries rgrds texan cake- Can i use it as a base for making pastry cakes search as pineapple pastry.... is it to sour coz of the sour cream, how does it tastes?

kavita Naik/Parsekar said...

Thank you purnima