Monday, February 4, 2008

A 'Spidey-Web Design' Birthday Cake!

I was glad when she relented promptly to my mail on using her cake design! Deeba of Passionate Baker, has been apt for the title she blogs on, her pictures are gorgeous, marvellous choice of recipe and more so an intriguing write-up! THANKS DEEBA!! Chocolate - Strawberry is such a winning combo!!

Making cake from scratch is not my cup of tea currently! Here is the decoration I tried to replicate! I have no hands on experience in baking , filling and frosting, but my frenzy and eagerness for baking for my kid emerged greatly making me google over many aspects of baking-filling-frosting videos to obtain what is shown above. I have made it with ingredients that put me to convinience and at ease.

Ingredients :
For the Chocolate Sponge, I used a Betty Crocker's 18 ounce Milk Chocolate mix and baked as per directions on the pack a day in advance. I baked it on a 9" springform pan, when the cake cooled, I detached the rim and leveled the cake on top, turned it upside down as it is more even at the surface, for making the frosting job more easy, left it on the bottom of the pan to serve as base.
Sprinkles - To decorate the sides.
Chocolate Curls - I used one bar of Diary Milk at room temp.

Ingredients For Filling :
1 sachet of Dream Whip
1/2 cup (115 ml) pasteurised milk
2-3 drops vanilla essence
20 strawberries (5 reserved for decoration)

Method for filling :
On a high speed, beat the milk and contents of sachet on a electric mixer till stiff peaks form, add the essence. Fill 3 tbspn of this in a decoration bag with a piping nozzle, for making the pattern. Hull the berries and chop them fine. Fold the berries gently into the whipped cream at the time of actual filling.

Ingredients for Ganache :
200 ml of whipping cream
200 gms of Hershey's semi sweet chocolate chips

Method for Ganache :
In a pan heat the cream till it simmers. Take off the heat source, on counter top. Add the chocolate chips and stir in circular motion for 4-5 minutes with a spatula till the chocolate melts and mixes up well with the cream. It has to be liquid in consistency. Prepare 30 minutes ahead of assembling. Allow it to cool, as it cools it will obtain a spreadable consistency.

Ref for ganache :

Ref for chocolate curls :


:: Cut the cake in two layers. (At this point place a large parchment paper below the plate.)
:: Fill the base layer with strawberry filling, place the top layer on it.
:: Pour the ganache on the top and spread on the surface and sides evenly by moving the base plate in tilted angle.
:: Add sprinkles on the sides with fingers, some will stick, some would fall off.

:: Pipe a spiral begining from centre moving outwards. With a wooden pick, angled at 60 degrees from the cake, drag a line first from centre to out, the next line from edge towards the centre. Continue this till the pattern is formed.
:: Along the rim, decorate with chocolate curls.
:: Finally place the strawberries for decoration. Slice few, decorate the top.
:: Refrigerate it for few hours, take out 30 mins prior to cutting.

Note : Do the strawberry decoration prior to cutting the cake for fresh look.




Asha said...

Beautiful design! Chocolate and strawberries, classic Valentine's day dessert!:)

Shilpa said...

Well done Purnima. Its a beautiful cake. I love it.

indosungod said...

Purnima, the cake looks lovely. A wonderful birthday cake for your little one. This is what you have been busy with, have not seen you around for some time :)

vimmi said...

The cake looks amazing. it must taste wonderful. Since i dont bake, i can certainly admire people who do.

Padmaja said...

yummmmm!love that chocolate cake purnima and me too don't have so much patience to bake a cake n decorate, I leave to experts!!
Yours look so delicious!!

Rina said...

Purnima, definelty can't escape from the spell of your web cake... Looks gr8...

Meera said...

That is work of art indeed. I was really looking forward to this cake. Glad you blogged it finally. I have bookmarked it. Chocolate & strawberries sound so delicious together. Your instructions are very easy to follow too. Many Thanks to you & Deeba too.

Sagari said...

that a lovely cakee ,it looks so beautiful purnima

Seema said...

That looks so good... wish i could have it!

Maya said...

Yaaaaaaayyy !!! You posted it, such a good and neat job for a novice in decoarting..Really excellent job !! Your son must have been so happy and proud !!! You should do more baking now, you are really good !!!

Srivalli said...

wow...beautiful design..and its amazing you say this is your first time...great

Purnima said...

Asha--> Tks! The original design is Deeba's.

Shilpa --> You are the motivation behind my baking, I love all your cakes!

ISG -->My son turned two, well that is heartening to know that you missed my posts ;) :D

Vimmi --> Welcome to FCB! I too was like you, until Shilpa of Aayis Recipe made me get into baking! Its fun, the outcome is good, you get to see the delighted faces of those who consume your baked goodies! So I would urge you to give baking a try..please!!

Padmaja --> Welcome here, tks for complimenting the cake! :)

Rina--> tks..btw loved your cupcakes as ur son turned two!

Meera --> Tku!! Kids were unwell for more than a week due to climate. Hence was totally with them, when they slept, I just chkd what my dear bloggers posted..helped unwind! Better late than never! :D

Sagari--> Tks, my cake list has a addition of carrot cake! :D

Seema --> Be my guest!

Maya --> Tks! He was jumping at the sight of it, thought he cd eat it at once!! :D Efforts were worth it,delighted glee frm both, their jumps n finally they both savoured it wt undivided attention asking for more--Thats a feeling of CONTENT frm Baking N Frosting!!

Srivalli--> Zeal makes a person go! :D It cd have gone one better! So I shall see to it the next time! Tku so much!!

Pravs said...

like the spidey design. Cake looks yummy with the chocolate and strawberries.

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

WAY TO GO Purnima...well done. As I said to you in my mail, you've done a SPLENDID JOB. I feel so good that you tried it & it came out looking great! So HAPPY for you!!! LOL

Manisha said...

Lovely! Happy Birthday to the two year old little fella!

Purnima said...

Pravs,Deeba,Manisha! --> TKU ALL!!