Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Za'atar with Sesame Brown Bread And Milked Soya

Za'atar is defined aptly here!

The zaatar that I have used here is green coloured --which in short wiki defines as -
"Green za'atar mixture is traditionally composed of dried thyme (Thymus vulgaris), toasted white sesame seeds, and salt. Some sources also include savory, hyssop, oregano, cumin, and fennel seed. "

I came across this mid-eastern savoury item when I first came here. My hubby and friends described it as mid-eastern chutney or more like the chutney podi with idli(Dry chutney soaked in oil as idli dip). :) That was quite some comparison! There are various varieties of which this green zaatar is what we get in Kuwait.

There is notably no recipe, I had picked up Brown sesame-round flat bread and spread the zaatar mixed with extra virgin olive oil, enough to make it spreadable. It makes for a filling and light breakfast!

The addition I made was to prepare soya milk Zlamushka's way, she suggested me to soak, boil, coarse-grind the soya in that order prior to milking. The sediment available after squeezing the ground soya, called 'Okara' when added to chappati flour, gives out the best softest chapatis!!
The milk when boiled gives malai called 'Yuba' which again can be used for a recipe!! In all soya bean is not only adding health to our body, but also none of the process is wasted! All in all I now call it 'Kalpavruksha'!!! (pic-raw soy beans, the soy milk filtered, Okara)

The milk bottled and refrigerated for use. This soy milk so obtained can be made flavourful by mixing vanilla and sugar for vanilla flavour or cocoa powder and sugar for chocolate flavour. The brand Godrej in India has mango, apple, cashew-almond and many more flavours to the tetra-packed soya.

My daughter can now have homemade!!! Yaaayyyyy!


Asha said...

Whoa! You made Soy milk at home! That is great. Never tried Za'atar, got to some day!:)

indosungod said...

Homemade Soy Milk! that is indeed great. I like the bread podi too ;)

Lavanya Raj said...

good one purnima..i too want to try soy milk.

Meera said...

I am so trying it. I have a bottle full of soybeans. I remember drinking Godrej Strawberry flavored soy milk in India. I am also amazed to know about the softest chapatis that can be made. Wonderful post there. Very informative.

Shilpa said...

This is very new to me..Never heard it. We have middle eastern stores here, will check out.

bee said...

zatar is so easy to make!! thanks for the recipe.

Srivalli said...

That looks so nice..this is new for me.....thanks for sharing...

Maya said...

Wow, you made the soy milk at home ?? I never knew abt the Zaatar or the Milk..Great post Purnima !!

Purnima said...

Ashakka --> This is my 2nd attempt..first one was raw to taste!!
Do try zaatar , here its also served with Labneh(similar to hung curd) on a freshly baked special bread!

ISG --> Bread Podi!! Thats gud one! :D Tku!

Lavanya -->Pls do try, its good for all of us as its zero on cholestrol n high on protien, omega 3 blah blah :D u know the rest!

Meera --> I m glad u found it informative!Reg chapatis, a decade ago doc advised my elderly aunt to mix soy beans in gehu while giving it in mill..didn't know the reason..its all very clear now..the 'Okara' u can see in the pic is half of what I acutally collected, I used two cup atta and kneaded it in that paste, adding little water..all 4 of us enjoyed the softest of chapatis!!

Shilpa --> Surely do try it out, add hung curd as a spread on pita bread then sprinkle this zaatar-olive oil mix over it..its yum!

Bee --> I m very glad that you liked it! You are truly humble!! I love going thru most of the info you put up there on urs! More than making, I wd call it 'Assembling Ingr' for Zaatar!

Srivalli --> Thankyou, glad that you liked it!

Maya --> The last two words from u r ticklish :D tks, do try soy milk, its beneficial to us ..you can flavour it for Divit n ur family (mix it with pureed papaya fruit, banana, mango pulp {3:1 -soy :fruit puree}...even few heaped spoons of health drink -- just anything ur mind comes up with for the best protiens to go in!!) :D