Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls

I had tasted these lovely buns with fresh cinnamon flavour when I was new to Kuwait!
I absolutely loved these yummy tasteful and mildly sweet bread!

I was googling on 'How to' on baking when I came across this beautiful video on making cinnamon rolls...I just could not ignore it! The link is here. I followed the recipe as is.

URL - below.

After reading and re-reading the directions, yesterday I finally made these yummy rolls!
The link explains better on how to go about and for a first timer like me, these turned out great!
They can be eaten hot out of oven or frozen too. I gobbled 3 of these huge rolls the moment they were out of oven! They tasted heavenly!

If you love cinnamon in any form, then this is a must try recipe!!

The bread part was moist and fluffy, the sides and crust crispy and the top part was crunchy due to the egg wash and the bottom of roll had mild sweet flavour as bit of sugar cinnamon paste settled around making it heavenly in each bite!!

Notes : (These are for my reference next time!)

* 500 gms maida works fine.

* Once the dough has risen, punch it back to a ball only when ready to roll out else it starts rising again. Punch out all the air from the dough to make it roll well!

* Made the egg wash minus flour, with one egg and two tbspn of milk beaten well. It gives a nice crunch to the top part of the roll.

* Bake time - my oven - 190C @ 18 mins/ 12 pcs.

Yum yum cinnamon rolls for breakfast with a cup of hot coffee, very filling!!!


indosungod said...

Cinnamon rolls - the kiddies love it, it took me a while to get used to seeing cinnamon in sweet things but now they are addictive.

Happy cook said...

I love the cinamon rolls. When you bake them i think the whole house have this great aroma

Purnima said...

ISG --> True, I took some time to get used to cinnamon too! Now I hv started to love it!

HC --> Yes true! Mmmmmmm...

Asha said...

Love Cinnabon cinnamon rolls with loads of frosting! Looks really good Purnima, good job!:

Kalai said...

Love cinnamon rolls!! I haven't made these in quite a while, actually. My husband loves them with icing, too! :)

Archy said...

Yummy cinnamon rolls.. !!
Can i get a eggless version, as i'm vegy.. I have been looking it since long time.. but i dint :( !!

Meera said...

You made it at home? Wow, you really are a passionate baker. I think, so far, I have just taken a small bite of the cinnamon roll, because cinnamon in sweets is kind of a mental block for me. but looking at your picture, and post, I think they deserve another chance. :-) Looks so delicious!!

Purnima said...

Ashakka --> Tku.

Kalai --> I skipped icing as I didn't want it anymore heavy-to-tummy :D

Archy --> Tks, hv pasted a link in your comment form for veg recipe.

Meeeraaaaa --> I was there with 'mental block' phase too! We need to acquire this taste,n as ISG says are addictive..i even go for apple-cinnamon flavoured ice-cream here!! Tks for note of appreciation! I enjoyed baking them equally as I loved munching on them!The insides were like our mumbai pav..soft, idea here, you can skip the cinnamon part, bake the 2 loafs with batter makes for yum milk-pav! what say? :D

sandhya said...

i love these with frosting... i always have it whn i go to mall.. your's look great..

Maya said...

Oh wow, looks aboslutely great Purnima!! Like straight out of a store, very impressive!!..Am sure it dint taken even half the time to finish them than wht u took to make them..Really good job..

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

WOW Purnima...I can imagine the sweet cinnamon smells wafting thorugh your kitchen...& then 3 being gobbled up!! YUM YUM! I go there sometimes as well. Lovely bakery style buns!! Video-jug does have some nice recipes.