Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sheer Kurma /Sevaiya Kheer / Semaiya Kheer

This one is from Rakesh Sethi in his Eid special episode of Mirch Masala.
Though I can find this recipe again on, I want to file it somewhere, and what better place than my blog can I find to keep this recipe safe.

Updated : Happy Dassera To All My Lovely Friends, Family and Visitors!

Ingredients :
5 cups milk
2 1/2 cups sugar
25 gms roasted sevai
20 gms khajoor paste(approx 5 dates peeled and ground into a paste)
20 gms rice paste
4 pods green cardamom
15 gms of sliced badam,sliced pista,cashew(halved) raisins

Method :
In a heavy bottomed kadhai,take the milk and heat on a medium flame, keep stirring till one boil is reached and the quantity reduces by 1/3rd. Add the paste of rice (soak two tablespoon rice for 20 mins, grind with little water, to obtain paste) to milk and stir the mixture will thicken, crush the cardamoms a little and add. Add the khajoor paste, mix well.Add sevaiyan. In a pan, take 2-3 tbspn ghee, fry cashew,badam,pistachios until brown, add to the mixture. Add sugar. Stir till the desired consistency or thickness is obtained.
Serve chilled, garnished with cashew,badam,pistachios.


I had first tasted this as a kid at my neighbour's place, who used to fondly call me for eating anything that was made daily and especially for festivals too..for some vague reasons, I was not able to pick up this kheer's name as a kid and used to call it "Surkumba"!! I came across various cookery shows on DD in my teens and realised that I was calling my favourite sweet wrongly!!
I corrected myself then.

This is the first time I used Khajur paste and Rice paste in it, it was too delicious for me!!!
I also added a tbspn of charoli which was originally used by my neighbour's in their dish!
My family(both sides-mine as well as hubby's) makes semaiya kheer with the thick rice noodles,
while I truly prefer these wheat ones which are very thin and lend out a different taste to this kheer!!!

Bon apetite!! Njoi this kheer!!

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