Monday, October 8, 2007

Mango Mousse

Though the season of mangoes is over, the inclination to eat mango dish always prevails!
In our supermarket, where we buy groceries and provisions, there were these neatly stacked last batch of Egyptian mangoes, which promptly caught my attention. These mangoes though sweet, are a bit fibred. My mind was pacing and scanning my memory for what I could dish out of them...and suddenly I remembered Archana's recipe of Mango Mousse which I had bookmarked for Alphonso mangoes - which during their season went straight from the fridge to we all know they are irresistible!! I didn't want to try this recipe with frozen pulp of mango. Hence I picked these Egyptian mangoes to try out this mousse. I must say..... I did.not.regret..!!!!

I made this dish in full compliance to Archana's directions...Here is original.
The picture(s) posted by her is truly stunning!

Here goes the recipe....

Ingredients :
2 ripe mangoes
4 tbsp condensed milk
1 tbsp honey
¼ cup sugar
3 large eggs
200 ml Whipping cream

Method :
Wash and peel the mangoes, extract the pulp in a bowl. Blend in mixie or with a hand blender, if not smooth, then strain it for smoother pulp. Mix in honey. Keep aside. In another bowl, cream eggs with sugar in a double boiler, on a low flame with constant stirring until mixture is thick & creamy in consistency. Put off flame, take the bowl on counter, add the condensed milk. Let the mixture come to a room temperature. Mix in the mango mixture into the egg mixture gently and chill for half an hour. Whip the cream till soft peaks form, fold half the quantity of this whipped cream into the chilled mixture. Refrigerate the other half for piping. Chill for 4-6 hours prior to serving.

Pipe the whipped cream on top before serving.
Relish this lip smacking delicacy with friends and family.

Thanks Archana..for posting such a lovely dessert!


Anupama said...

Hi Purnima, That mango mousse looks gorgeous. Just today I saw a recipe on TV for chocolate mousse and thought " I must try this someday" and now your mango mousse which sounds even better than the chocolate one.
Thanks for the recipe and for the lovely comment on my blog

TBC said...

That looks lovely! :-)

Purnima said...

Anupama, thanks!I shall surely try out your ideas of unique lunch boxes!Do keep visiting!

TBC-tku!you hv a lovely blog too!!