Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RV Cake - CC Frosting ~ Egg Puffs ~Vegetable Pulao

Constructed a Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting which was appealing to me since loooooong... the toppings are semi sweet chocolate chips frm Hershey's, few cherries and sprinkles on the sides.

Resource : From here.

Made some Egg Puffs for evening , which did a disappearing act the moment they were out of oven :D

Source : Vahrehvah dot com. Chef : Sanjay Thumma.

This simple recipe took only ten mins preparation time, baked at 180C / 13 mins.

Lastly our Dinner was from Sanjay Thumma's technique: Vegetable Pulao, was instantly over!!

Vegetable Pulao with Dahi Raita and Paapad.

The occassion -

Some days are simply special, especially if its the day you were born on! :D

Blogger Gal's B'day! Have a slice!!


Divya said...

Happy Birthday to you!!! many goodies..I am drooling..loved the cake...too tempting!!Once again..happy you!!

Happy cook said...

Happy Birthday to you.
Love the cake, it looks so beautiful and delicious.
Egg puffs reminds me the days of my teenage period

DEESHA said...

the cake looks superb


Happy birthday Purnima!!

Meera said...

Many Happy returns of the day!!! Enjoy!!

With hugs, Meera

Mishmash ! said...

Many Many happy returns, Purnima :)

Usha said...

Many happy returns to you...the cake and the pulao both look delicious, especially the cake is giving me some serious sugar craving :)

Mrs.Kannan said...

Happy Birthday,Everything looks great,Especially the Cake and the PulaoHey I couldn't find the recipe for the pulao,no links there.

FoodyGuru (Srimathi) said...

Happy Birthday. YOur cake looks yummy. I hope you had a wonderful time today.

aparna said...

Looks so yummy and delicious.

bee said...

you actually used closed to a bottle of red food colouring? your intestines must be red. not a bad way to celebrate a birthday. :D

Maya said...

Yaay, Happy Birthday Purnima!!! Hope you have a great year ahead girl..Yumm yumm cake and food, too bad I can just see it on screen ;)..I love Vahchef's recipes too..Enjoy :)

Purnima said...

Divu --> Thanks!!

HC --> Thanks n thats the time when Puff pastries did their appearance!

Deesha --> Tku!

Rajeshwari --> Thankyou!

Meera --> Coming from you, its more than a precious gift!!Thanks a ton dear!

Shn -->Tku!!

Usha --> Tks !! Please indulge!

Mrs Kannan --> The link has been added, search with recipe name in the site alternately.:) Tks.

Srimathi --> Tku for your lovely words!!

Aparna --> Thankyou,glad u felt so!!

Bee --> 2tbspn, other being cocoa! :D Yes, somedays red color is needed for insides..isn't it the color for love too? :)

Maya --> Thankyou for your lovely wishes..Sanjay is emerging dish-by-dish winner at my place! (Have tried mannnnny of his recipes starting wt the corn pakodis that even u have tried out!):D

Swapna said...

Happy Birthday Purnima!!!! Your cake looks beautiful....I will post my version soon...once again Happy Birthday!!!

Shilpa said...

Wish you a very happy birthday dear. The cake looks superb. I am sure it tasted great, wish I could eat a piece out of it. Great job.

Vani said...

That pulao looks nice. Happy Birthday and thanks for the slice of cake! :)

Sia said...

belated b'day wishes :)

indosungod said...

Happy Birthday! Purnima. Eggs puffs were a favorite in my college canteen.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

belated happy birthday , purnima....
i am appearing after a long break but glad that i got thecake!

Shreya said...

Belated Happy Birthday!:-) what a great spread, cake, puff snack, and pulao!

Divya Kudua said...

Thank you for the lovely comments you left on my blog..;-).I am so happy...was apprehensive to change the template..I always wanted a nicer template for my blog which was food related..finally,I got it Yay!!

Purnima said...

Swapna --> Tks! Waiting for your version, tks for ur guiding pointers over Doll cake!

Shilpa --> The pleasure is entirely mine! Wish cd bake n parcel to u! :)
The oven is here, tks to u, u cake took me to my first baking glory! :D

Vani --> I feel as thrilled as a kid to recieve my blog-friends wishes! Thanks!

Sia --> Belated thanks! :D

ISG --> Yeah, it was a biggg time snack then!Tks!

Nandu --> Tks for your soulful words!

Shreya --> Thankyou and thankkkkkuu!!

Divu --> Hmm..someone's now looking her age, n what a transformation.. the template ..brown gal in the rain ..tra la lalala...:D