Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Festival and Few Other Dishes

Onam Special, Pookalam in my doorstep, two days ago! ( I must say, I am improving! :D )

Special breakfast, for special occassion.....knowing me, nothing special, but a new to me dosa ...
its made of rice and toor daal (1 : 3/4 ratio)

Dal and Rice dosa
- As Seena/Simple & Delicious ! likes to call these, they look real crisp n thin and have been a beautiful round shape! Thanks for sharing this healthy dosa, I used toor or tuvar daal and also processed the onions, curry leaves, cumin seeds and green chillies coarsely for that extra crunch. Served with Ulli Chutney.

Ulli Chamanthi / chutney is what I learnt from hubby's grandmom. It tastes great!! Uses up lot of oil but I prefer this chutney over soaking the dosa podi in oil.

(Serves 2)
Ingredients : 2 onions, 3 byadgi chillies, 1/2 Cup vegetable oil, salt to taste.

Method : In a deep kadhai, heat a tbspn of oil and fry the thinly sliced onions till transculent, add the halved chillies and stir in. Put off the flame, cool it and grind to fine paste. While grinding to fine paste, do not use water but a teaspoon of oil every interval and check how fine the chutney has become. Add salt and pulse it. ( Tip.. if more onions are used, you may require less oil to grind it.) Serve with dosas ideally, would go along with idli , appams or any ricey-breakfast item too. Can store upto two days refrigerated.

This lovely Capsicum Masala Rice from Sailu's Kitchen, was a great way to use up my cooked rice and bell peppers lying around, and the aromatic masala she prepared added magic to the rice and peppers taking the flavours to a whole new level.... thanks so much Sailu for sharing a lovely and tasteful recipe!!

Shilpa posted a very tasty looking dish with her Goda masala, and the dish had me hooked.
Its Kale Vatanechi Amti, I used the white ones, tasted good with few ingredients, both my kids liked it too! Thankyou Shilpa.


Ending the post without a treat, impossible...:D
Her kids love it, the Ginger powder n Cinnamon powder added a flavour n aroma to it and these are butter-free cookies! Though it was not as gorgeous and shapely as her's, yet the flavour was great ! My kids enjoyed the flavour!

Spiced Cookies
or yummy GINGER SNAPS from Sunita/Sunita's World! Any time I visit her blog it feels like I am in a different world, as she rightly names it her world, its a deliciously sweet world you have created! Thanks so much Sunita!! ( The only change I did was substituted Maida-all purpose flour in place of whole wheat flour as I did not have it that time. :D )

Ginger Snaps - The first ever spiced cookies I tried. :D



Seena said...

Very sorry Purnima, this time couldn't wish anyone in time..
Belated Onam wishes!
Your pookkalam looks very beautiful!
Thanks for trying out dosa recipe from my blog, glad to know u loved it! :)

notyet100 said...

hi poornima,..wil be glad if u send pokallan pic for the onam festival gng in my blog,..:-)everythin looks nice,..specially crisp dosa,..ceeya..

notyet100 said...

btw pokallan is beautiful...

Meera said...

Happy Onam, dear!! That pookalam looks beautiful. Hope you had a great time.

Oh, thanks for the link to Seena's daal - dosa, that's what I made today. Simply delicious!!

Purnima said...

Seena --> Hey,thankyou! And Thankyou!
:D The pleasure of trying this dosa was entirely ours!! Thks to u for sharing!

Priyanka --> Surely would do so! Tks asaankhana! I eat asaanisey, over cooking! :D Tks for your compliment!

Meeraaa --> Thankyou,thankyou!! I am improving, compared to my own stds! Kids were not so well, hence only few dishes, no big sadya!
Dosas alws awe me! Great flavours to try!

jayasree said...

Lovely pookalam. I missed doing pookalam since we have no celebrations this year. All those dishes are truly amazing...

sailaja said...

Happy Onam, Purnima.:)
I'm glad you enjoyed the Capsicum Masala Rice.

Sangeeth said...

lovely pookolam...happy onam :)