Wednesday, October 1, 2008

--Missed Crusts! ~Rajma, Kofta , Eggless Cookies and Jamuns

15 mins bake time@180C, rolled out the frozen n thawed pastry sheets , cut into squares filled with shred mozerella cheese, pepper and fresh coriander leaves and baked.

I 'Clicked' but I missed the date!!! Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! How C(rusty) my brains are!
Those are one of the puffs I tried with shred moz and pepper for filling for kids. They gobbled on it! Well with the amazing crisp taste and kid-friendly filling, its surprising if they wouldn't! :D
Sorry Bee -- on missing out !


A yummy Rajma-masala made with simple recipe from Chef Sanjay Thumma - which went on well with chapatis/rotis.

The next dish is also from the same Chef, MALAI KOFTA ...was very tasty indeed!

Step 1 : All boiled veggies to be rolled into balls - dipped in cornflour and deepfried.

Step 2 : Make gravy and add these to them.

You truly can't stop, these are soooo tasteful!

** I used Moz shred cheese instead of paneer.

Thanks Mr. Sanjay Thumma, your techiques are surely bringing in better reviews from the better half n kids!

Few cookies which went wrong in shape but great to taste...if you can guess with a glance at them:

Eggless Walnut Cookies and Thumbprint (???) Jam Cookies with them!
I wish to rename mine as PAW print cookies! :D No one in the blog world must have goofed up on this lovely cookie, I let the butter go too soft and got this shape as a consequence!
Nevertheless, they tasted gooodddddddd!
The jam I used was from IKEA food, Blueberry extra jam. Recipe from our sweet Mansi - here.
Thanks Mansi@ Fun-n-Food!!


This one comes from Kamala @ Moms Recipes here, unique thing is I made GJ first time with milk powder instead of a mix! Thanks Kamala -these tasted too good, plus addition of rose water gives a lovely scent of 'GULAB' to jamuns!
The first time I made Gits GJ was way back in my 8th std, the insides being raw! :D This must be the only thing besides chapati making that I tried my hands at during my teenage.. I envy u Meera for trying out chicken! :D

HAPPY NAVARATRI TO ALL OF YOU --am missing my Mumbai Dandias!!!!!!!!


Divya Kudua said...

Hey Purnima' many recipes!!I am drooling over the gulab jamuns and cookies.Malai kofta looks yum too..and so is the rajma..the pastry sheet biscuits looks like an innovative idea..only if I could lay my hands on puff pastry sheets,here in India.

Sangeeth said...

Happy navaratri to u too :) lovely post

Happy cook said...

Wow I love all the dishes. They all look DELICIOUS

Meera said...

Oh, I am drooling here!!! What a spread. Wish I could come there right now. I was just plain crazy about cooking as a kid. That time, i was really interested in cooking restaurant style food than home cooked meal. :-D

Hey, I am missing Navratri Dandiya too!!! We had gone to Dandiya here some time back, but woh maza nahi!!

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi... Nice set of recipes. Looks so good. YUM!. Loved those jamuns a lot.

Sia said...

thank god we didn't have to miss this amazing spread!

shriya said...

so many recipes WOW yummy yummy. all looking delicious.

kamala said...

Thanks Purnima for trying my recipe..Glad u like it..What a spread..drooling over the pics!!!

Maya said...

What a spread yet again!! I have a sweeth tooth as it is, and you come with so many in a single post..Have mercy girl..Rajma & chhole is my saviour when I cant think of anything :D..Loved the puffs and koftas too, looks great..

DEESHA said...

loved the rsjma masala .. soo yummy N the cookies too

Shreya said...

hi, Happy Navarathri. Everything looks great! Love the koftas, and the cookies most:-) sad that you missed the Click, but don't worry, there is always a next time.


Happy Navaratri to you...Nice click:)

vandana rajesh said...

Yummy this sure is a wonderful treat. So many wonderful dishes in one go....great indeed!!