Sunday, November 4, 2007

Semiya Payasam and Vanilla Cake !

Semiya Payasam is our why not make it all over again..this time to commemorate our 5th Wedding Anniversary!! Recipe here...but minus the khajoor (dates) paste, substituted with 180 gms of Nestle condensed milk. Other ingredients remain the same!

I love to bake, and have taken to baking since past few months. I jump for occassions where I don't miss the opportunity to bake cake! ;) So all said and done, this was the best chance to again play with my baking skills...which are very limited..I must add ...long way to go!!!!

What else after the Indian sweet dish, but it was turn of a western delight...
A cake! Yes.. I dished out a frosted cake this time! We do not get colour gels here, hence I used some rose syrup to obtain pink colour for the patterns!

Here is the outcome..

I used a ready mix, Betty Crocker's Vanilla Super Moist with Vanilla Cream.
The cake was delicious and the whipped fresh cream lent out a lovely vanilla flavour!

This is the vertical view. I piped the jig-jag lines to signify life..which takes us not straight...but through special and lovely designs of GOD!

Hence we both thank GOD for giving us what HE has !

Now moving on, without getting more senti over this.. have a piece, share our joy!


Pravs said...

Happy Anniversary !! Wish you both a long blissful wedded life. Nice treat with payasam and cake. Where is my share ??? :P

Purnima said...

Pravs..its a virtual treat, remember? But drop over for your share..anyday!

Puspha said...

Happy anniversary to u, Purnima. Ours is also this mth. 5 yrs as well.

Purnima said...

Pushpa,thankyou! Gr8!I shall check for your post on the same this month! Believe me, many of our friends and relatives have married in this month itself!