Monday, January 14, 2008

Gajar Ka Halwa

New Year brings lots of sweet memories and here is a sweet which reminds all of us of these Hindi lines :
Son : "Maa mein aa gaya!"
Ma : "Beta, tu aa gaya!" (I guess he just announced his arrival dear screen mom)
" Beta mu-haat dho lo..tumhe bhook lag rahi hogi! AAJ maine tumharey pasand ka 'GAJAR KA HALWA' banaya hai!!! (Taaddaaaaaa)
Son : " Maa tumhe kaise pata mujhe gajar ka halwa bahut pasand hai (Arey Director ney bata diya..aur tum Maa ko screen mom -one-movie-mom hone ka ehsaas kyon karva rahe ho, bevakoof, Mums know frm the birth of their childs fave food curb on silly questions n gulp down that halwa to satiate your hunger while the noble people shall gulp down a bowl of daal and rice!)
Yes..from our good old number of Hindi Movies esshtyle!

But no, this was made as dessert! My MIL makes awesome gajar halwa...the pain in the neck(shoulders and arms literally) is grating them manually!
When I saw Indian Red Juicy Carrots, I longed for this halwa as I don't prefer halwa out of the orange unsweet carrots. There are many versions and after trying many of these, I have settled for below recipe.

How to make this ---

Ingredients :
1 tbspn ghee
5 cups grated carrots
2 1/2 cups milk
3/4th cup sugar
1 tsp cardamom(elaichi) powder
10 cashews + 5 for garnishing
10 almonds + 5 for garnishing

Method :

Cut the cashews and almonds lengthwise. In a deep kadhai, heat ghee, add the cashews and almonds, fry till transculent. To this add the grated carrots and stir well till uniformly mixed with ghee. (I pressure cooked the grated gajar with milk upto two whistles just enough so that it doesn't get over cooked, for saving time) Add milk and keep stirring in between so that it doesn't stick to the bottom. Once all the milk evaporates, add sugar, stir till the mixture leaves the sides of the pan. Put off the flame, add cardamom and mix well. Cool it, garnish with cashews and almonds. Serve.

Ready to be digged in!! Ek bowl se mera kya hoga?? :D



Maya Shanbhag said...

Hey Purnima, Happy Sankranti to you..Nicely written post...Yes, kya hoga bollywood ka :))..
Btw, just to bring to ur notice, you have posted this recipe twice. I just scrolled down and it was the same post again..

Meera said...

I am laughing away here all Bollywood dialogues! I know, all the screen sons love only Gajar ka halwa. and that silliest question, maa tumhe kaise pata ki....!! So silly!!
Gajar Halwa looks delicious. Even grated juicy red carrots look so yum. I havent seen those in ages!!
Ek se mera kya hoga!! Aur mere liye?? :-)
Hey, I see two posts of gajar halwa ?

Purnima said...

Maya N Meera --> Tks for your lovely comments..indeed silly bollywood! Tku for bringing the duplication of entry! Happens when kids are around ready to attack the keyboard!! ;)

indosungod said...

Purnima, Happy Pongal!
Carrot Halwa looks delicious. Screen Moms are so saccharine sweet whatever they make to satiate their son's hunger has to be sweet too!!!

Pooja said...

i really laughed a lot reading those dialogues :)).
thanks for making my day humorous.
Happy sankranti.
I have event at blog, i wish all indian buddies to participate . take a peek if you got time. thanks for sharing this yummy gajar halwa :) . That is appropriate for entry too ;).
Stay tuned..

chithra said...

hi purnima,Happy Pongal! halwa looks yummy!

Srivalli said...

LOL..nice fimli dialogues...gajar ka halwa looks yummy!..first time here and I must say you have a great blog...will come back to browse again...thanks!


Not only bollywood,kollywood also has such eestyle dialoge for years!
Halwa looks mouthwatering!

Sagari said...

halwa looks delecious purnima nite postenjoyed while reading


Hi Purnima

Your hindi movie dialogues were really funny and had a gud laugh...even I dont like making halwa with the orange carrots....
The gajar halwa looks perfect!!1

DEEPA said...

hey purnima ...happy sankranti to you too ....Halwa looks very inviting !!
Really made me laugh after seeing your bollywood reading